Is An Associate’s Degree Worth It? 5 Facts That May Surprise You


Are you among the many individuals who want to change their careers? Perhaps you think that restarting or advancing your formal education will pave ways for your wants.

Luckily, you do not have to spend four full years pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree when you have the alternative of a convenient two-year Associate’s Degree.

Should you apply for an Associate Degree course or keep on dropping as many job applications as you can without this course?

Going for a degree demands that you examine your options before jumping to the conclusion. Fortunately, we researched and found out five interesting truths about Associate’s Degrees that you want to know. The following reasons justify the essence of an Associate’s Degree Program for you.

  1. Eligibility For Occupations

We agree that a high school diploma can place you in different jobs. Even so, according to the real-time job analysis program that we used to analyze jobs postings, there were 4.7 million postings for holders of high school diploma and 6.3 million positions for Associate Degree graduates. These statistics from last year’s analyses proof that earning an Associate’s Degree exposes you to more job openings by 134%. This equates to 1.6 million more job opportunities for persons with Associate’s Degrees. Furthermore, going by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment drops to 3.8% from 5.4% among Associate Degree Holders.

  1. Increased Earnings

Everyone would go an extra mile just to earn an extra coin. BSL reports indicated an increased $210 weekly income in 2015 for holders of Associate Degrees when compared to their counterparts holding high school diplomas. This transmits to more than $8, 000 annually implying that many companies value Associate Degrees and they will pay for their value in their organizations.

  1. Study Within Two Years

The benefit of an Associate degree from the University of Phoenix  in your life makes it a choice you want to consider. Interestingly, it does not demand for so much of your personal time. The course requires two years only. Note that you can opt for faster study programs and hence complete your course in less than the two years. This option is unquestionably better than Bachelor’s program since it requires less time and money.

Furthermore, it presents flexible learning schedules. In fact, you could continue working at your present job while studying. You might even consider Online Associate Degree Programs or self-directed courses. These options allow you to accelerate your studies without interfering with your busy schedules.

  1. Diverse Options

Nobody desires to quit a frustrating job only to land in a worse occupation. You should have several varieties if you intend to work on a progressing vocation. Providentially, Associate Degrees guarantee more open doors in your profession. This means you will easily get a position that suits your personality and needs. With an appropriate Associate Degree, you can land in the following attractive job positions among others:

  1. Associate’s Degree in Nursing – Travel Nurse, Registered Nurse or an ICU (Intensive Care Unit Nurse.
  2. Associate’s degree in business management- Office manager, store manager, and Administrative Assistant.
  • Associate’s degree in health information technology- Health data analyst, HER Implementation Specialist, and Quality Improvement Analyst.
  1. Associate’s degree in web design- Animator, Graphic Designer and Web Developer.
  2. Associate’s degree in early childhood education- Assistant Teacher, Childcare Worker or Preschool Teacher.
  3. Associate’s degree in information technology- Help Desk Technician, Network Administrator or Technical Support Specialist.
  4. Discovering your interests in your career

Perhaps not knowing the exact position that you desire to study in hinders you from enrolling for a Degree Course. Most courses offered at the Associate’s school open up diverse topics and industries that you might find appealing. Thus, they will enable you to specialize in areas that you love and would like to pursue as your fields of expertise such as finance & marketing in Business or design and coding in web development.

Furthermore, the University of Phoenix Associates Degrees also lay a foundation for further education especially when you begin to consider undertaking a Bachelor’s Degree. In fact, you will spend less than the required 4 years in the latter schools because of transferring your credits from the Associate’s School to your Bachelor’s College.

In conclusion, an Associate Degree acts as a foundation for better job opportunities and income at the least cost.

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