Benefits of Pallet Inverters and Automatic Palletizing Solutions


Full manual labor to get tasks completed using physical force is slowly vanishing. Employees do jobs that need creativity, abilities, skills, and intelligence. Robots are incapable to do this but palletizing automation needs to be standard in every warehouse.

Top industries design Pallet Inverter models that lift, tilt, and orient loads more safely and efficiently than manual handling. It has proven to improve handling processes up to 90% faster than manual labor.

Benefits of pallet inverters to businesses

  • Better ergonomic environment through improved safety.
  • Cuts labor costs.
  • Adjusts to an array of load shapes, sizes, and heights.
  • Enhances job efficiency.
  • Is capable to do special jobs with alternatives like gravity-assisted movements, side support, single or dual clamps, compact & narrow loads, as well as easy maintenance.
  • A unit load is held firmly using hydraulic pressure.
  • The rollers simplify the loading & unloading.
  • Produces precise results consistently.
  • Prevents injuries and accidents.

What are the benefits of the automatic palletizing solution?

Implementing automation in supply chain & logistics refers to migrating from old packaging material to innovative ones. So, it is necessary to switch to plastic pallets and phase out the wooden ones. The company can benefit a lot from choosing an automatic palletizing solution.

1.      Enhanced productivity

In one hour a couple of staff members can efficiently palletize 7 or 8 shipping units. Alternatively, an automatic palletizing solution is capable to palletize 13 units in an hour. It means delivery time is quicker than expected. You make clients satisfied with fast delivery and persist to reorder even in the future.

2.      Eliminates manual labor accidents

Companies pay a lot of funds to resolve labor accidents. Besides, recompensing the injured employee to the facility reduces productivity due to absence. The warehouse and logistic sector encounter a lot of bad reps because of the unsafe environment. So, retaining talented and experienced staff is a challenge.

Implementing palletizing automation can make the threat disappear. The operators just need to push the control button and activate the machine, handle the process, and monitor performance from a distance. A single employee can do the task and other workers can be allocated work in other needed areas.

3.      Offers flexibility

Manually operated palletizing machines are unable to adjust to a pallet or item size change. Successful companies quickly adapt to new technology to avoid this major issue. Palletizing automation solution allows the packing and shifting of different product types without any changes to the system.

4.      The possibility of product damage reduces

Handling unit loads physically increases injury risk to repetitive movements to the shoulder, knee, or back. Accidents are inevitable while product stacking, which can damage products. The damaged products cannot be repacked or sold. It triggers losses and handling the waste is essential for success.

The automatic palletizing solution operates smoothly and with a steady speed. It has sensors that stop the operation if there is an issue associated with the load or the pallet.

5.      Get full ROI from your investment

When you invest significantly in the entire system and packaging materials, it is essential to ensure that the investment is recouped. Fortunately, with persistent efficient operations, your company will regain the entire investment soon and start revealing profits.

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