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The Blake Goldring grandfather and uncle were the graduates of Toronto university and his father called as the C. Warren Goldring also graduated from the U of T and became the generous supporter of university college as well as for the Victoria college. He followed his family steps and obtained the degree of bachelor from VIC in the year 1981. He similar honored his Goldring family legacy by giving all of his knowledge to the University generously. Along with other members of family the present chief executive and chairman blake goldring agf made strong contributions to the Victoria and U of the T.

Blake also offered the essential support for learning, for the extracurricular activities of students and also for the physical athletics, sports, and fitness in different departments as the Vic one Norman jewisoon stream in the arts and imagination, in Gold ring student center and the high performance sport at the Varsity center respectively. This student center of goldring is meant for the home away from the home for all students of residence and commuter. The blake goldring agf stated that it will be the most comfortable and modern place for all students to gather and discuss, get engaged in different activities and then socialize for overall experience of university.

Apart from knowing as the chief executive officer and chairman of AFG management LTD, he is also the member of campaign executive called boundless. He became the respected alumni leader of his university and his commitment towards making the strong community was not limited to university only. He served as the director of Sunnybrook health science center the C.D Howe, Toronto orchestra symphony and many more along with being member of royal Military College of the Canada. In the year 2006, he was soon appointed as the Honorary colonel of Canada Royal regiment which is the most distinguished and oldest regiment of country

Founder of Canada Company, Many of ways to serve

Yes, blakegoldring is also the notable founder of the company many ways to serve. It is the charitable firm which comprises of around 450 senior businesses and the community leaders which extends their support to people who serve in the Canada Military and also the families. In the year 2011, he also got recognized for his best services, and appointed as the first ever honorary colonel of army. He was also honored for his services to University with Arbor Award in 2009 and holds some more awards including the queen diamond medal, the Brith award of merit, the honorary doctor of the laws degree and much more.

Being the chairman and the chief executive officer of the AGF management LTD, the Blake is handling this company since years which holds its operations at different locations like Asia, Europe and United states. He also led growth of the business of AGF that presently manages billions of the investment projects and the assets globally. Without any doubt, Blake is a real gem for AGF Company.


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