What Are Some Common Mistakes Made During Logo Designing Projects


With the passage of time and rise of the Internet-based economy, the importance of branding has touched all new heights. Businesses cannot afford to opt for logos that are not visually appealing, which is why they hire the best designers for custom logo design. However, even after all these steps, sometimes mistakes are made. Here are a few such common mistakes that many designers make. Take a close look and try not to repeat them-

Cheap Price & Amateur Designers

You can find many freelancers on various social media sites, forums and groups providing logos and dirt cheap prices. Even though it may look astonishing to you in the first price as you may think of it as an opportunity to save a huge amount of money, it’s going to cost you a lot more in the future due to the fact that these logos are designed by amateurs desperate for money. They provide cheap services so that they can earn pennies. As a business owner, do yourself a favor and don’t fall for the offers provided by them.

Following Trends

There are many logo designers (and even business owners in some cases) who prefer to go with trend and design logos just like their competitors. The sole objective of running a business is to stand out and do something that nobody else could do. No matter if you are a designer yourself or a business owner who requires a logo for his firm, never try to follow the trend. Rather focus on designing a logo that can fit well with your company’s vision and long-term goals.

Using Raster Images For Logo

The standard practice of designing logo stats that one should always use vector graphics software like Coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator for designing brand logos. Since the quality of vector images is pretty good and consists of high pixels, you can get great logos designed easily. However, some designers use raster graphics software like Photoshop for this purpose. This is the worst step any designer can take at the time of designing a brand logo. If you want good quality output, then avoid using raster images for logos.  

Many logo designers commit these mistakes knowingly or unknowingly which ultimately harm a brand’s social media image. In case you don’t want your client business to meet the same destiny, avoid these mistakes at any cost.

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