Convertri Compared To Clickfunnels – Which Is Better?


Are you trying to decide whether or not to choose Convertri or Clickfunnels to create beautiful and high converting landing pages and sales funnels? Worry not; this article will make it easy for you.

What Is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a software package for building landing pages for generating marketing leads and selling products online. It was created by Russell Brunson.

What Is Convertri?

On the flip side, Convertri is a software that is used for building landing pages and sales funnel. It is very similar to Clickfunnels. While gaining its popularity, Convertri is nowhere close to being as popular as Clickfunnels.

But does that mean it’s not as good? Not certainly.

Convertri Compared To Clickfunnels

1. Speed

As the slogan states, “Faster funnels, higher conversions” Convertri is extremely fast. Sales pages created with Convertri load faster than pages created with Clickfunnels.
Convertri has its system hosted on the same servers as systems like twitter making its pages load very fast. Faster pages hold the reader’s attention and translate to higher sales.
Consider Convertri if you’re looking forward to boosting your sales by not losing customers due to slow page loading.

2. Simplicity

Convertri is focused on the core of what they do. That’s creating simple pages that are very clean and easy to design funnels.

3. Pricing

Convertri compared to Clickfunnels is way cheaper.

Convertri pricing plans come in three packages. The first is the standard plan which is available at $53 per month. Second, the Pro plan which is available at $58 per month. Third, the Agency plan which is available at $166 per month.

The agency-level account allows one to build funnels for customers without contracting extra charges. As for Clickfunnels, the customer has to purchase a Clickfunnel account or you to purchase it for them.

The Clickfunnel pricing ranges from $97 a month to $297 a month.

4. Features

  • Convertri has the ‘drag and drop’ feature which makes it easier to use than Clickfunnels that have the block-based editor.
  • Convertri has the free flow builder implying that there’s no limitation to how you edit or arrange your work.
  • Convertri has an undo button that makes it easy to correct mistakes while Clickfunnels doesn’t have this.
  • Convertri allows you to make offline changes to your page and publish it when you’re ready while Clickfunnel doesn’t have the publish button.

5. More superior web pages

Web pages built by Convertri are far more superior. They store and organize your media far better than Clickfunnels.

Pages in Clickfunnels do not update quickly.

6. Reliability

Reports from marketers state that Clickfunnels seem to go down now and then hence are not reliable. The reports state that an instance of Convertri going down has not occurred.

Final Verdict

Convertri compared to Clickfunnels, is the new kid on the block. It is much newer to the scene but certainly has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. Convertri is the better choice as it’s faster, easier to use and way more affordable.

It’s therefore evident that Convertri is worth a try.

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