Dazzling Spectacle Vegas Style


People have been intrigued about strip clubs for the longest time. Although these clubs are synonymous with Las Vegas, you can find a strip club virtually everywhere even in the remote parts of Australia. Men usually go to these venues and the performers will typically be women. Things are changing as more women look for clubs that give the same experience or even better with a strip club. They may choose a male revue instead of the usual stripper in a gentlemens club routine.

It has been recently announced that the popular revue club Vegas: The Spectacle will be making an unprecedent visit to Melbourne. This revue is a lavish, over-the-top production which give a nod to the glitz and Glam of Las Vegas. The dhow will be happening at the Athenaeum Theatre and is curated in such a way that it will be appealing to audiences from different backgrounds and of all ages.

What to expect

Experienced dancers will perform their routines led by Club Vegas’ host Gino Starr. He will share the spotlight with singers Jonathan Guthrie-Jones and J’aime Holland. They will be saluting some of the iconic strip club performers.

The creative team that will drive this show include award-winning artistic director Adam Bahoudian and the famous Costume designer, Nina Bahoudian. You can expect more than the usual strip club performance. These will be aerial shows, cirque-du-soleil type of circus performances, jaw dropping, gravity defying performances from the strippers and a glittering motorized 15-foot Stilletto! This will be an event unlike any other that the iconic Athenaeum Theatre has held in recent times.

You can also expect the best music and a club atmosphere with carefully curated. Think Electric Fusion from the 70s to 90s. There will be newer music, the kind that will have you dancing in your seat too. Think Lady Gaga, Shakira, BTS, Dua Lipa and so much more. The point is to create a party atmosphere with dancing performance and more. It’s a great opportunity to let your hair down and party with people who know how to have a good time.

Events like this are too far and in-between, at least ones that are planned outside of the strip club. It’s a proper entertainment show that is designed to appeal to different people, whether you are a constant strip club patron or just someone who is curious about adult entertainment. Clubs usually plan events but not at the scale of Las Vegas – The spectacle. The name says it all.

If you are looking for some tasteful adult entertainment, this might be the best event to attend right now. The Spectacle is a must see event. Prepare yourself, get into the mood. Buy that sequined dress and killer hills or that special suit you wear for special nights out.

Be transported to another worlk. Escape the drudgery of ordinary life mesmerizing. The Spectacle is a must-see show like no other!  Party Vegas Style at the Athenauem Theatre at 188 Collins Street, Melbourne, in September, 1 & 2 2023 and after finishing the show why not enjoy yourself at Showgirls Bar 20’s midnight “mega strip” spectacle.

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