Diablo II Resurrected Treasure Farming Guide for the Secret Cow Level


In Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2, the Secret Cow Level can be unlocked by following the instructions in this guide. The Secret Cow Level is one of the most popular treasure farming levels in Diablo II: Resurrected, and for good reason: there are tons of great drops, with chances for set items, uniques, and rares. The Secret Cow Level is one of the most popular treasure farming levels in Diablo II: Resurrected. On the other hand, it is usually cultivated without the use of Magic. Find gear for socketedItems considered to be “normal,” as well as runes, jewels, and gems. You will need to investigate Stoney Field in order to locate the stone ring. Before you see the complete circle of stones itself, you will see the portal that leads to Tristram already open. After you have finished off Rakinishu and his cronies, you should make your way to old Tristram.

The Hidden Mysteries of the Top-Secret Cow LevelAs soon as you’re inside, you should make your way to the top left-hand corner of Tristram. When you click on Wirt’s body, you will receive a burst of gold as well as Wirt’s Leg. Come back into town. Getting a Tome of Town Portal from a local vendor is the simplest way to complete this task. In Act I, I typically purchase mine from Akara. Because the portal to the Secret Cow Level will soon appear, you must ensure that you are standing in the correct location.

Although at first glance the Secret Cow Level may appear to be nothing more than a place to clear out herds of moosing cows, there are, in fact, strategies you can employ to make the most of the level in light of your objectives. It is always a large loop with a void in the middle, with a large corral containing The Cow King somewhere on the map, and a smaller corral of fences that typically just contains regular Hell Bovines. There is also a large corral containing The Cow King somewhere on the map. First, I run the perimeter around the outside of the building, and then I run the perimeter around the inside to make sure I don’t miss anything. The majority of the level consists of large packs of regular Hell Bovines, with the exception of The Cow King, a few named random bosses, and the occasional Champion pack. This makes up almost the entire level.

The following table details the Hell Bovines’ resistances across all available difficulties. This limitation was present in the original Diablo II, but Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Guide was removed in the D2:Remastered edition. You can do whatever you want to The Cow King. Believe me when I say that despite having slain The Cow King a great number of times, I am still perfectly capable of opening portals.

Within the Secret Cow Level, the Cow King can be found in the large corral at all times. This corral is hidden in a different location each time. The Secret Cow Level contains not one but two corrals: one is large and square, while the other is smaller and has fencing that is more obvious. The visual cue that he is wearing a crown is obscured by all of the commotion, so it is difficult to identify him. The Secret Cow Level is still a good place for Lightning-based classes to farm, despite the fact that the boss has a Lightning Immunity that can be predicted.

It Is Not Necessary to Find Magic
The level will typically only contain between one and three additional bosses or champion packs in addition to The Cow King. These set pieces are only guaranteed to drop from Cows in the Normal difficulty setting. It is a waste of time to farm for the character that is actually carrying out the farming, because by the time you reach the point where you can do Normal Cows, you are already at a level where you do not need the experience any longer.

The farming of Chipped and Flawed Gems, which are required to upgrade lower-level Runes from Amn (#11) to Um (#22), is particularly fruitful in Normal. Jewels are also used in the crafting recipes for armor and weapons used to create the Horadric Cube. Because these recipes can be for any level, lower level jewels can be sacrificed for a lower cost. Runes, up to and including Sol (#12), can also be found in this area.

Horrific dream
Nightmare is a good place to look for d2r shields prices of socketable Normal quality for lower level Hell because you will begin to see socketable Elite quality d2r polearms prices dropping here buy game items online. It is also one of the best places to farm for skillers, which means you can get Grand Charms that give bonuses to your class skills here.

The Best Classes for the Level “The Secret Cow”
Despite the fact that the Cow King is immune to lightning, several Lightning builds remain among the very best options available. It is not necessary to invest a significant amount of points into one of the Poison Javelin spells in order for your Mercenary to be successful in defeating the Cow King.

There is some disagreement as to whether or not druids who focus on the elements would be effective cow farmers. There are some problems with long cooldowns that fire druids are currently experiencing, but those problems will be addressed in Patch 2. When there is a full zoo for them to absorb, Summoner Druids perform exceptionally well with Cows.

Melee DPS builds do not make great Cow level farmers.

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