Do You Want To Relocate to Kansas? The Pros and Cons of Living in Kansas


Nowadays people move from one place to another in search of new jobs and many of you also must be planning to move to Kansas. It will be useful to read this piece of writing before you make your plan to move to this place.

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Let us know a little more about Kansas City. Kansas is surrounded by Nebraska on its north; Oklahoma on its south; Missouri on its east; and Colorado on its west. Kansas is also called the Wheat State, Sunflower State, and the Jayhawk State of the USA.

Pros and cons if you live in Kansas


  1. Central location

Kansas is located in a prime location to commute and also for recreation.

  1. Cost of living very low

Kansas will offer you the lowest living expenses while living in the USA. Due to its major agriculture as well as manufacturing production, the cost of items is cheaper.

  1. Buying a house

As per data, the home value in Kansas is just $151,212.

  1. Fun times

Kansas City is one of the cities that can offer everything right from great nightlife to great festivals.

  1. Delicious barbecue

People in the USA claim that Kansas City BBQ is the best BBQ in the whole of the USA.

  1. Friendly folks

The people here are extremely friendly. Also, people are very proud to share their unique style of Midwest hospitality.

  1. $15,000 incentive

As a matter of fact, this should be the top of the pros, this city of Topeka is presently offering up to $15K as an incentive to encourage any new talent or professionals to move to this city.

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  1. Tornadoes

Unfortunately, the state is located right in the Tornado Alley. You can find more than 60 tornadoes each year. So, be prepared for that if you are thinking of moving over here.

  1. Challenging climate

Kansas has 3 separate climates:

  • Humid sub-tropical
  • Humid continental
  • Semi-arid

So, it will either be extremely hot or humid wherever you live.

  1. Lack of public transportation

Besides Kansas City, you will not find any alternative transportation options. So, it is very important that you must move to this place in your own vehicle.

  1. Wacky laws

There are a few weird statutes that you will find in every state, such as:

  • It is illegal to kick any vending machine in Derby
  • You cannot wear a bee in Lawrence in your hat.
  1. Flat like a pancake

It is so much flat here that many scientists have compared it to a pancake. Though you will find a few hills, however, in case you are fond of more mountainous terrain, then Kansas may not offer you that.

  1. Distance between towns

When you are traveling, then be prepared for very long stretches of farms, prairie lands,  and nothing else.

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