Exciting Website Design Trends This Coming 2019


It is time to look at what web design will look like for the next few years. Like almost every year, most experts look at the internet and looking for new and potential trends that designers and experts start seeing on the website launched this year — everything from colors, layouts, white space, and typography

There is no web design components that’s been taken for granted when it comes to the trends of 2019. Below are some of the design trends that you might start looking at this year.


Asymmetrical layouts and broken grids

It was a thing last year, but it seems that the trend is still a thing this year. The concept of grids in the design session is a fictional plane with vertical and horizontal lines that are used to help design the parts on the screen or the page. With most sites, the grid is very easy to identify. Want to know more about visual designs, principles, and elements? Visit

You can check the left side of the site. For example, you need to look at the title, logo, as well as the content, is lined up together most of the time. When there’s a broken grid, you will have things that are pushed out on the plane in a way, it will make the grid feels broken or less rigid.

This kind of design that favors the unpredicted, experimenting with the asymmetry and pushing the limits has been around for quite some time. It has been used as a way to help the design stand out from the rest, to attract the attention, or to experiment with the designs.

But this year, experts see it making a lot of statements and become a lot more common on the internet. Some companies are experimenting with asymmetric and broken grid site design aesthetic with their site designs. In 2019, experts expect to see a lot more of asymmetrical layouts and broken grids as the trend start to pull away from a rigid form of a grid that most designers came to embrace heavily in the past years.

Experimenting with the grid and using asymmetry in website design. Most anticipated that the trend would become more and more prevalent in the next few years.


Organic or fluid design and elements

Slowly but surely, we are starting to pull away from straight lines that came with flat and dull design, and beginning to experiment with a softer and fluid shape and lines. These kinds of forms, which are not your traditional square, circle, rectangle, or any straight-sided shapes are sometimes referred to as organic or fluid shapes.

By shedding the near-clinical and straight lines, designers are accustomed to seeing online, as well as replacing the lines with elements that are drawn from life and nature like the shape of lakes and ponds or pieces of papers that are torn. These fluids and organic lines and shapes can make the design is in line with human nature and feel a lot more approachable.

This year, the usual forms that have been used in web designs for many years like circles and squares will start to be replaced or joined by organic lines and shapes, bringing in new elements of intrigue and designs to the site design and launched this year, check this website to learn more about it.

Retro, throwback, and nostalgic design aesthetic

What is old before is starting to be new again. As we are moving beyond a traditional flat design, where experimentation looks like no limits. The right time is now, to bring back the old design elements with a hint of retro and nostalgia.

Testing with retro and nostalgia design can create a good contrast between now and then design styles. What makes it more interesting, is that designers can expect to see more throwback design styles reflecting the period before sites can easily be accessible to the public.

Making it even more interesting, it’s what makes it feel new to a lot of people. Experts anticipated seeing a lot of websites embrace various design styles that can lend themselves to times past, both in the content and in the design of every site themselves. A lot of these retro elements will most likely include a lot of color schemes that reminiscence the trends of the past as well as typography that makes think back of the olden times.

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