Financial Advisors: Important Traits



Financial advisors help you with your investment journey. What things you don’t know, you will ask them. That’s why your financial advisors should have the following characteristics.

Passion for Financial Planning


The successful financial advisors are Forex Broker List those that have the innate passion for financial planning as well as wealth management. This is a very crucial standard, laws, methodologies, and products within the financial and investment worlds are constantly evolving.

When a financial advisor has real passion for the subject matter, that person naturally gravitates toward learning more and more about the industry every day.  Those that do not have passion usually fall behind and struggle to run along with the industry developments.

Analytical Ability


There are many different aspects in terms of financial planning and management.  Cash flow planning, retirement planning, investment management, insurance planning, estate planning, and tax planning are a few of the most important areas with which a competent financial advisor can help his client.

A deep analytical ability across all of these areas is very important, but it is perhaps most important in the investing portion.

Successful financial advisors know that the risk and return relationship drives almost every aspect of a financial plan.  Structuring a financial portfolio the right way and being able to reallocate the assets as time and goals change is very important.

It is important for the financial advisor to be able to analyze and plan a portfolio in the context of a variety of metrics.



Financial advisors have to grow their book of business to thrive and this is key necessity for successful Finance Brokerage Weekly TV News financial advisors. Being able to sell their services across the whole spectrum of financial planning,  from investment management to estate planning, is necessary.

Salesmanship is undeniably necessary. A financial advisor must be able to clearly communicate to the client the problem or gap his or her financial plan that exists, properly convey the solution, and as a last step, ask for the client’s prospect’s business.

A financial advisor who cannot have the courage to ask for business will get none.

Interests must not be in Conflict


Successful financial advisors are ones that know they should put the interest of their clients first before their own interest.  The advisor must believe that the financial interests of both parties should be aligned. If not, unhealthy relationships may happen.

It is not necessary and not ethical to sell products to a client that doesn’t really need those products, like irrelevant insurance policies or insurance policies with too much coverage.

There are investment products that fit this category as well, such as mutual funds that have high sales loads, since there are countless comparable and better mutual funds without such loads.  Additionally, charging higher than necessary investment management fees is not good practice.


Uncovering precisely what a client needs across all aspects of financial planning can be similar to detective work. Small details should be found and puzzled together, and a comprehensive solution to a large problem must be created and communicated.

Successful advisors are those that are visibly happy with the process and thrive on the challenge.


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