Four Tips for Selecting A Meeting Venue That Will Impress Your Boss


So, your boss has asked you to find a conference venue for 40 people with excellent catering and an audiovisual connection to the Quebec workplace. So how then can you know what to search for when looking for an event venue? Short of changing your same old go-to (which may or may not be the best possible option for your event)?

These tips for finding the best venue for your event is here to help you have the best meeting experience and also to help line up the boss’ praise after the end of your fruitful event.

#1: Find a venue where the extras don’t cost extra

Your initial thought whenever it concerns looking for a good conference event venue may be an expensive hotel. But, be aware that these luxurious hotels always charge extra every single time you make use of projectors or any other things you need. The cost can quickly increase, particularly when adding catering and other related costs. It is more sensible to choose a dedicated conference venue where all your necessities are included by default. A very good place to look is Le Crystal conference venue.

#2: Not all technological infrastructures were created equal

There is no point having a busy office linked through a video in case the venue’s internet doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle it. Repeated interruption by buffering, freezing, and fuzziness is one of the nightmares of a meeting organizer.

Take an all-inclusive approach to evaluate a venue’s technological offering. Consider internet speed, the competence of the video conferencing method (particularly whether it has a high-definition), and the availability of technical support.

#3: Lunch can be so much more exciting than sandwiches

Sandwiches could undoubtedly be delicious; however, it can also become a habit or a daily routine for individuals that are taste buds. Choose a venue where delegates have the choice of a warm chicken fettuccine, egg, Greek salad and lettuce on a full meal, and you will keep everybody happy.

#4: The availability and quality of breakout areas is essential

Breaks are vital to productive meetings; thus, the spaces you typically spend them are also important. When choosing potential venues, reflect on whether distinct breakout spaces are available and the quality of these spaces. How big are they? How modern are they? Do they offer Wi-Fi, good coffee and power points? A venue offering large breakout areas will undoubtedly make a huge impact on the general feel of your day, and not to mention ominously improve other networking opportunities.


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