How do the Architects Develop a Design Plan?


Architects need to work really hard in order to prepare any design plan and get it approved. They need to spend a lot of hours in making the approach and, later, implement the final idea properly. The practice is what makes the final result commendable. But before you go about thinking about the process, here we will discuss a generic approach plan that is needed by every architect to create a design.


This is the first step of the approach, and it mostly involves the architect understanding and determining the scope of the work. When the programming stage is ongoing, the architect and their team will discuss and research all the constraints and requirements stated by the project. They will determine a budget and survey the site through a surveyor. They will understand the building code restrictions and check how functional the space is.

Schematic design 

Here, a couple or more preliminary designs will be produced, and they will illustrate the architectural concepts. Models and diagrammatic illustrations will accompany these designs, and they will focus more on the core utility of the project. The space, illustrations of light, and circulation must also be highlighted. The material discussions are brought into light at this stage, but the finalization of anything is yet to be done.

Design development

The vague sketches based on concepts become complex renderings at this stage. A series of decisions ensure this evolution, and the details and the methods are focused upon. Any myriad challenges that might come in the way are attended to and resolved at this stage. 

Construction documents

By the end of the last step, there will be a set of construction drawings and specifications that will be produced and applied for permits. Here, the architects will need to figure out the materials finally, and decisions about connecting the systems and structures must be made. A group of engineers or consultants might also be hired to help them around with the insulation, plumbing, or heating. By the end of this process, the materials and products will be finalized.

Construction Administration

The construction will be overseen by a general contractor. Their actions will be directed and dictated by the documents prepared by the architect. They will be following every specification as listed.

Such is the detailed approach of the team of architects Stendel + Reich, and they will assure you that every design plan is devised as per your requirements.

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