How Do You to Delete Your Amazon Account

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Seo title: How Do You to Delete Your Amazon Account?

Des: Are you spending way too much money on Amazon? The best way to curb the habit is to make using it impossible. How do you delete your Amazon account?


Are you looking to delete your Amazon account, but aren’t quite sure how to do it?

While Amazon is the most successful online shopping platform in the world, there are plenty of reasons as to why you may want to distance yourself. But, how do you say goodbye to Amazon once and for all? How do you delete your Amazon account?

Check out this guide to learn how it’s done. 

Why Should You Delete Your Amazon Account? 

Before we talk about the how, let’s discuss the why. While Amazon provides users a very convenient way to shop, it also has plenty of drawbacks. Here are some reasons you should think about deleting your Amazon account:

It Harms the Local Economy 

One of the biggest downsides to buying products on Amazon is that it means you’re not buying those products locally. Many local small businesses simply can’t compete with the low prices offered by Amazon.

As a result, they either have to sell their products at a loss or just close shop. And, it’s not just small businesses that are taking a hit because of Amazon. 

Large companies, like Birkenstocks, have to deal with Amazon selling cheaper knock-offs of their products. Also, many large bookselling chains have gone under due to Amazon’s massive bookselling industry. 

If this pattern continues, then local and large companies that offer quality products will continue to close. Closing your Amazon account gives you the opportunity to contribute more of your money to your local economy. 

It Creates a Ton of Waste 

If you’re an environmentally-conscious person, then it’s time for you to sever ties with Amazon. Just think about all of the cardboard boxes that get sent to you each time you place an order. 

Not to mention, many of these orders are wrapped in tons of plastic. 

Plus, Amazon runs largely on fossil fuels, which are very harmful to the environment. Just think of all of the fuel that goes into the planes and trucks just to get your products to you on time.

This constant international transport is depleting and dwindling our supply of fossil fuels. And, in turn, it’s contributing to global warming. 

It Encourages Impulse Purchasing 

When you’re signed up as an Amazon Prime member, you can quite literally make a purchase with the click of a button. Go back over your Amazon orders from the past couple of months, and you’ll likely be shocked over how much you spent.

Then, ask yourself, “How many of these items did I really need?” And, of the items that you did need, ask yourself, “How many of these items could I have just as easily bought locally?”

You’ll likely find out that Amazon is fueling your impulsive shopping habit and that once you shut down your account, you’ll be spending a lot less money. 

Know What Happens When You Delete Your Account 

If you’re convinced that deleting your account is the right move, it’s important to understand exactly what happens when you delete your account. Here’s what to keep in mind:

You Lose Gift Card Balances 

If you have a gift card balance on Amazon, it’s best to use this up before you delete your account. This is because this balance will vanish once you close your account. You won’t even be able to ask for a gift card voucher. 

Amazon Prime Disappears 

If you delete your Amazon account, you’ll no longer be able to access Amazon Prime. But, keep in mind that you can delete your Amazon Prime subscription without deleting your entire Amazon account. However, you can’t do it the other way around. 

Your Digital Purchases will Disappear 

When you delete Amazon account, keep in mind that your digital purchases will also disappear. Here’s what you’ll lose:

  • Books purchased through Kindle or Audible
  • Anything you purchased in the games and software library
  • Movies you purchased through Amazon Prime

Like a gift card balance, these purchases are tied to your account, so deleting your account means you’ll lose them forever. 

How to Delete Your Amazon Account 

Here’s what you need to do to delete your main Amazon account:

  • Go to via any web browser
  • If necessary, log in
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for “let us help you”
  • Under “let us help you” click on “help” and then select “need more help”
  • Then, select “Prime or something else”
  • Next, scroll down to the section that says “tell us more”
  • Click “login and security” and then click “close my account”

You’ll then be able to select whether you’d like to communicate with Amazon via phone, email, or chat for help on closing your account. If you want to close your account as soon as possible, it’s best to choose to communicate via phone. 

How to Delete Amazon Prime 

If you want to delete Amazon Prime but keep your Amazon account, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log in to
  • Click the down arrow under your name in the top right corner
  • Select your account and then click “Prime”
  • Select “manage membership” and then select “update, cancel, and more”

Then, you just need to follow the onscreen instructions to delete your Prime account. 

How to Delete Your Amazon Account: Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Amazon? 

Now that you know how to delete your Amazon account, it’s time to say goodbye to Amazon once and for all. Pretty soon, you’ll be saving money and feeling better about your purchase decisions. 

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