Interesting Facts about Space Tourism Every Traveler Should Know


Imagine stepping out of a space vehicle and spacewalking for a couple of minutes as you look into the nothingness of space. Well, what about taking pictures of your “tiny earth” from space? These are no longer reports that are only read in science fiction books; they are realities for space tourists. So, are you ready to experience them?

As you think of travelling to space and enjoy these thrills, you also need to prepare appropriately. So, here are some interesting facts about space tourism that you need to know about to make your travel more enjoyable.

The Bulk of the Travelers’ Time is Spent Relaxing and Enjoying the Ride

When you board a space vehicle, the bulk of the time will be used relaxing. Indeed, for tourists taking sub-orbital flights, such as the ones being offered by Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, the ride will be pretty short. This is because you will not be taking a full orbit of the earth as professional astronauts do.

If you are worried about the flight, there is no need to because the spaceflight provider will have everything catered for. Your obligation on the space vehicle will be straightforward; relax and enjoy. Again, you will be adequately trained about the flight, so expect it to be exciting from the start to the end.

Gravity Forces Experienced at Launch and Re-Entry are Not Unbearable

Many popular scientific fiction films show occupants being crashed to their seats by gravity, especially during launch and re-entry. However, the reality is pretty different, and there will be nothing like getting crushed on your seat. Instead, it will be something like a jet taking off from an airport.

If you have gotten medical approval for space travel from your doctor, there is nothing to worry about, including the gravitational forces. To ensure you are more comfortable during launch and re-entry, you should try to relax muscles and not fight the gravitational forces. If you are rigid, this is when it can hurt!

Be Prepared to Make a Mess

One of the most notable things about space is zero-gravitational force, and it affects even how you do normal tasks. Therefore, you are likely to find tasks such as brushing teeth and eating really funny. Imagine you cannot just spit toothpaste into a sink. Now, have you thought about going to the toilet!

When it comes to using the restroom, it is paramount to pay attention to the pre-travel training as much as possible to avoid messing yourself. The toilets are designed to use airflow to guide things to where they are supposed to be.

When it comes to space tourism, Andrey Bokarev is crystal clear : everything is prepared to ensure you get the best experience. However, you should be prepared for the above experiences to make your travel more enjoyable. Remember always to ask any question that you might have during training so that you prepare adequately for the flight.

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