Job Market Scenario In The COVID-19 Era


In the life and time of COVID-19, when more people are either getting laid off or are asked to work remotely, the companies are also forced to take everything to the virtual platform as social distancing maintenance is a must for survival presently. However, in this pandemic situation, demand for technologists has increased to a good extent as everything has to be virtualized so that everyone can work comfortably from home. Techies are needed for shaping a remote framework as well as creating a secured virtualized infrastructure for the businesses to function smoothly.

The companies also have to ensure that all employees have secured networks and connectivity including infrastructure and this has added to the demand for techies. The following job profiles have experienced growing demand in this pandemic situation:

  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Database administrator
  •  .Net developer
  • Systems administrator
  • DevOps engineer
  • Help desk technician
  • Application support engineer
  • Software QA engineer, and
  • Technical support engineer

On assessing the possibilities closely, you will realize that the demand for cybersecurity engineers was the greatest as the number of cybercrime incidences has increased greatly as more and more cybercriminals started taking advantage of the situation. Reports also suggest that there has been substantial growth in demand for systems engineers as majority companies have to now operate remotely.

In the tech field, some of the segments that displayed maximum demand in this pandemic situation are

  • Systems engineering
  • Scrum
  • DevOps
  • Quality assurance and control
  • ATlassian JIRA
  • C++
  • SQL Server
  • Linux
  • Docker software, and Oracle

The reports show that at the dawn of the pandemic, these tech fields have a maximum demand in the job market.

Demand for Systems engineering and DevOps have increased greatly thereby confirming that organizations need technologists to create the remote online infrastructure that should be free from bugs and should be smooth to execute. Programming languages like Python also gained in importance over the last few months. This is a time when you just cannot ignore the technologists and their services because they are the only ones that can help businesses virtualize and still be functional.

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