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If you have worked in Singapore for a total of six months while holding a valid work permit, you will be eligible to apply for permanent resident (PR) status. There are now 522,347 permanent residents of Singapore, according to the most recent count (2018). Many of the privileges and protections afforded to full Singaporean citizens are also extended to those who have made Singapore their permanent home.

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You get a lot of perks being a permanent resident of Singapore.

You just need a valid entry-and-exit visa to enter and depart Singapore; no additional visa is required for employment or travel outside of Singapore. The Blue Card we provide you is your legal identity here.

Your spouse and any unmarried minor children should be included in your permanent residence application. If you are a citizen with school-aged children, your kids have a better chance than most of getting into the public school of your choosing. However, the people are still in a strong position for immigrationsg.

Make an application to have your parents’ visas extended.

You are not need to reapply for a work visa to Singapore if you decide to switch careers at any time. If you have an employment-based Singapore visa and you decide to move occupations, you will have to cancel your current visa and reapply for a new one, which might cause a delay or even a visa denial.

You may cash out your Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions in one go once you reach the retirement age of 55.

Invest in Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) to take advantage of the tax and financial benefits it provides. According to the CPF scheme’s rules, you and your employer must both put away a certain amount of money each month into a pension fund. This money may then be used for things like medical bills, a down payment on a house, insurance for you and your loved ones, and investments to grow your wealth.

Submit your application for a range of loans, including home loans, and be given higher priority for approval. Those who have made Singapore their permanent home are also eligible to buy resale HDB units from the government.

You may seek for full citizenship in Singapore after a specified number of years as a permanent resident. If approved, you’ll be eligible to apply for a Singaporean passport and get all the same benefits as native-born Singaporeans.


Take use of Singapore’s dependable labor market to your advantage in your search for a job. If you’d rather go out on your own, you may select from many legal forms for doing so, and several funding programs exist to assist get the ball rolling.

Advantage from a variety of high-quality medical facilities, including public and private hospitals, polyclinics, and clinics

However, you should know that the Singaporean government also gains some authority when you become a permanent resident there. Boys in Singapore who have permanent residence status must enlist in the armed forces by the time they are 16.5 years old, and they must serve for two years after turning 18.

If, however, you take the time to become a permanent resident of Singapore, a process that usually takes between six and twelve months, you’ll find that many more doors open up for you to live in Singapore, work there, and participate in Singapore’s culture and economy.

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