Quick Lawn Care Tips For Summer And Spring


Most people would associate summer with long days by the beach and grilling barbecues in your lawn. In fact, at this point, you may already be thinking to yourself of all the memories that you will be creating over summer. With the beautiful summer views, though, comes a lot of work. One of which includes cleaning and maintaining your lawn – after all, most family moments over the summer take place in the lawn. Hence, you will want your lawn to look bright and lush – similar to what you see in the movies.

Once spring begins, make sure to do the following:

(1) Test Your Soil

Your soil is essentially what will give life to whatever you plant there. Hence, it is important to get rid of soil that will not do anything for you. First and foremost, test the pH level of your soil – a good level would be from 6.5 to 7 for most plants. If it is within the range, then that is great. If not, however, then take the necessary steps to change your soil as planting anything there will be useless. By testing ahead of time, you will be able to save lots of money from going to waste.

(2) Get To Mowing Your Lawn

If everything is within control with regard to your soil, then get to mowing. Sharpen your mower blade and mow your lawn the first few times on a lower setting. This helps cut the grass instead of tearing it apart. Grass that is torn is more susceptible to disease – eventually, the grass will turn into a brownish color as opposed to the green that it should be.

(3) Watering

Water gives life to plants, so do not forget to water your grass and the surrounding plants in the lawn. The best time to water your lawn would be early morning, right before the sun starts to shine. Watering the grass in the afternoon will dry the water out sooner due to the strong sun whereas watering in the evening will leave it too wet, which will promote the growth of fungus.

Ideally, you should water your lawn at least three times a week.

(4) Aerating Your Soil

Over time, grass becomes too compacted. This is when problems arise as nutrients cannot penetrate to the roots, where it is most essential. To combat this problem, make sure to poke holes through the soil so that there is an improvement in oxygen circulation.

You can aerate with a tool that has two hollow tubes attached to a long handle. But if that is too much for you, then step out with a pair of spiked rubber shoes – it works just as well, too.

(5) Over Seeding Your Lawn

If your soil is good and healthy, spread some seeds throughout your lawn right away. This helps in getting rid of weeds. Spreading of seeds throughout the area helps grass pop up and fill in those brownish looking and unhealthy spots. After all, who likes an unhealthy looking lawn?

(6) Fertilization

Air: Check, Seeding: Check.

This leaves you with fertilizing your lawn. At this point, what you will need to do is to apply a fertilizer once spring hits. This will allow your soil to get a head start. In the later part of spring time, apply fertilizer once more as your grass needs some feeding – this will allow it to peak during summer.

Take note that weeds are also fed by your fertilizer, so make sure to take good notice and treat them as they appear.

Did not expect this much work to achieve that beautiful lawn, did you? For this reason, we strongly advise calling in a professional to help you complete all the work just in time for summer. There are a number of lawn care companies to call, but it is essential to find the best lawn care company that can help address specific problems in your lawn.

Hiring the Best lawncare company is one thing but knowing the basics of how to properly do it will be great. Learn more how to have a healthy lawn at https://cfpub.epa.gov/npstbx/files/lawns.pdf.
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