The 4 Best Payroll Options for Small Businesses


Establishing and managing payroll can be tough for any small business owner. Streamline the process. Here are the 4 best payroll services for small businesses.

Running a successful small business is a lot of time-consuming work. The more you can take off of your plate, the better.

When you’re relied upon to be the sole person at the top of a business, it doesn’t take long to start to feel overwhelmed. Your employees look to you for answers and they expect you to handle things like payroll in a timely manner.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the best payroll services for small businesses, so you can focus less on getting people paid and more on running your business. The service you choose will depend on how you run your company and how many employees you’ve got working beneath you.

  1. OnPay

OnPay is a great service because of its simplicity. If you don’t want to pay for all the bells and whistles, OnPay will give you all of the basic necessities that you require, as a business owner. A bit less than $50/month gets your payment runs for up to 10 employees, state tax filings and deposits, and check to print.

It’s easy to use and you can complete all of your payroll tasks from your phone, but more in-depth requirements will require a more in-depth service. If you’re looking for something simpler that is more paystub-centric, you can find that as well (see more here).

  1. ADP

ADP is undoubtedly the biggest and most popular payroll service for American small businesses. It helps you run payroll and file taxes in a few steps, pay employees by check or direct deposit and it has one of the best customer service systems of any payroll service.

When you sign up, you automatically get 3 months of free service. If you like it, you can continue for a monthly fee that depends on what you need. The more employees you need to look after, the more expensive it’ll be.

  1. Intuit

If you’re looking for some middle ground between something small like OnPay and something far more comprehensive, like ADP, then Intuit might be for you. You can be fully hands-on with their interface or automate it to complete each payroll situation for you.

Intuit Basic runs you $20/month plus $2 for every added employee. It runs payroll and calculates your taxes, but if you want it to complete and file your taxes, you’ll have to get the $31/month Intuit Enhanced. Intuit full runs payroll entirely and transfers over any info from other payroll services for $79/month.

  1. Namely

For something even more comprehensive, there’s Namely. This is both a payroll and HR service that handles payroll, carries out any and all deductions, pays and files taxes, does year-end reporting and time-tracking, gives your workers their payment histories, and makes sure your business is adhering to regulations.

While the monthly pricing is fully dependent on what you want from it, Namely is revolutionary in its approach to HR and payroll. You even get help with health insurance, disability insurance, wellness programs, and other unusual benefits packages.

Find the Best Payroll Services for You

Each platform offers something completely different, so finding the best payroll services really depends on your needs. Figure out what those are and you’ll be able to find a service that fulfills your needs for the right price, without going overboard.

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