Top 4 Causes of Making a PPI Claim


If you have been mis-sold PPI or have just realized after hearing about the PPI scandal that you also have been paying for PPI all these years, then there is nothing to worry about. You have the right to file a PPI claim and get the money refunded to you. The process of filing for claim is fairly simple, and even though it is a bit time consuming, if you have a valid claim, rest assured you would get the money.

There are millions of people who have lost money due to the PPI scandal, and you can be sure that with the help of PPI claim you would be able to retrieve your money easily. You can know more about how to make the claim by reaching out to PPI claims adviceline, which is where most people call to know what to do when they have mis-sold PPI and want to file the claim.Image result for A Simple Guide to Help you Get your PPI Refund Back

There are major four causes for which you can easily make PPI claim –

  • You were not made aware that you were buying PPI when you bought a loan, credit card or mortgage from your lender.
  • You were told that the credit approval would be based on whether you have PPI or not. When you buy the PPI, there will be better chances of your credit application be approved.
  • The lender had told you that you had to purchase the PPI from them if they want their financial product. You were not told that you had options of rejecting the PPI or shop around for better deals on your credit.
  • You did not meet the criteria for a PPI policy but were still sold the PPI. Even if you did claim PPI in the future, you would not be eligible for the same.

These are the four most common ways the PPI was mis-sold to the people. It has left millions of people thinking about whether they should trust bank again or not, due to the breach of trust committed by the bank. The banks made billions in profit, while the customers continued to lose a great deal of money.


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