Top 5 Reasons People Move to New Homes


Beyond the beauty of the area and its convenience to major employers and retailers, there are many reasons why an individual or a family might consider looking at homes for sale. However, these are the five top reasons people consider moving to into a new dwelling besides a change of scenery.

1.A Job Transfer or New Employment

Landing a great new job or needing to move in order to relocate to one you already enjoy having is a top reason to consider moving. Those who find themselves with employment in the Tri-Cities WA region just may find their dream home in Kennewick.

2.Growing Families

The need for more space—or just a want for more space—can be ample reason to start looking for a new abode. Whether you’re looking to move up from a starter home or want to invest in a larger home to make room for a growing family, upsizing is a top reason for investigating the real estate market.

3.Undesirable Changes in Current Neighborhood

Sometimes a neighborhood just seems to take a downhill slide over the years, with noticeable declines in important aspects like curb appeal, market values and the quality of residents. These are reasons enough to make moving a priority.

4.Relationship Status Changes

Whether a relationship is blossoming, and a place together is needed or if a partnership is dissolving, there may be a need to find a new abode for the couple or newly single individuals.

Depending on the situation, a bigger or much smaller place may be desired and there may be contingencies to consider that a real estate professional can help with.

5.Getting Closer to Family or Friends

If the majority of your family lives in a certain region, it just may make good sense to make a move in their direction to give you all more time together. This is especially beneficial for family units with multiple generations that makes quality time even more valuable.

If you’re considering looking at homes in Kennewick WA, contact the Tri-Cities real estate professionals at Retter and Company today to learn more about our incredible listings.

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