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Faculty Development Programme, Free Workshop, Education Consultants is Office of the Commissioner of Languages, Government of Meghalaya, Shillong. The Office is situated at Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Bhawan, Pandri, Shillong-793022. Faculty Development Programme for Educators and Special Education Teacher courses are conducted for teachers for one month in a year by this office.

Kelvin’s faculty development program is exclusively for teachers. In this program’s module, participants will be able to gain a deeper knowledge and a reorientation towards the field of special education in general and early intervention in particular. The ones who had already been qualified teachers may also follow this course as they allow further employability on the labor market in Turkey. In addition, both lectures, conferences, and practice works will contribute to the building up of an excellent teaching future.

Faculty Development Programmes for teachers is very important as it helps them to upgrade their skills, knowledge, and expertise about teaching. These programs can be conducted by in-house experts or external experts who are resource persons. Here is your go-to resource for finding information about the best faculty development programs for teachers. You will find useful advice on how to choose the best course for you, insider tips on how to apply, and insights from current students who are already enrolled at their schools of choice.

The Online Faculty Development Programme for Teachers is a special initiative by Amity University that encompasses industry-oriented programs, workshops, case studies, and faculty development seminars. These efforts are made to ensure a highly defined conceptual framework for teachers in the development of future generations. The Faculty Development program is ideal if you are interested in John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory or John Heron’s research into Special Needs Congregations. This two-year Post-Qualifying Certificate will enable you to develop your skills in working with pupils’ emotional development, behavior, and wellbeing. You can work on a range of personal, social, and emotional skills such as resilience, empathy, and social interaction.

The success of any teacher runs through providing quality education in the best possible environment. The ability and willingness of the teacher to grow and adapt to changing changes make all the difference in the growth and development of students. That’s why every institution and organization needs to invest in teacher development courses for teachers. We are one of the most leading institutes for teacher training in India and abroad with a very wide network. We have conducted various programs to train teachers of various schools, colleges, and universities. The sessions are designed by faculty who have years of experience in their respective fields.

Studying a course helps you renew your enthusiasm, improve teaching skills and explore new approaches. We can design a program to help you find the best ways to build on your expertise.

NEPCO Faculty Development Programme for Teachers is tailor-made for the professional development of teachers in special education. It focuses on building the capacity of teachers to be competent, creative, and resourceful special educators. It develops learning attitude and capacity throughout the students’ academic life cycle. This program is designed, developed, and designed by Dr. R.Rajkumar, an experienced trainer, scholar, and practitioner in the area of Special Education who has been honored by international organizations for his sustained pioneering efforts towards inclusive education in India.

Are you looking for faculty development programs in Delhi? The faculty development programs in Delhi offer opportunities that open up new doors and make it easy to move forward into high-quality, rewarding careers within the education industry. If you’re an educator, you’ll enjoy the Faculty Development Programme provided by Anant Vikas Education on how to retire early. The program will help you learn investments and eventually how to finally retire early so you can continue living your life rather than trying to fit it around work. This program is suitable for teachers working in government or private schools, colleges, or universities. Programs prepare teachers to deal with the increasing challenges and demands in the fields of special education, reading, writing, and math. These courses also offer practical tips on how to teach problematic children in primary school, secondary school, and higher grades.

Special education has been a growing field for many years, one that teachers are especially considering when looking for the next step in their careers. EDUCO’s skill-based teacher training programs are aimed at raising and improving teacher skills in inclusive classrooms, with a focus on teaching students with multiple learning disabilities. The support and encouragement given by faculty members help teachers cultivate partnerships with other schools and organizations, where they will have the opportunity to share resources and ideas. The faculty development is an ongoing program, where teachers learn and explore new things. Faculty development is the process of providing professional growth to teachers. It aims towards improving the effectiveness of the teachers by providing them training in their respective subjects and overall development-related issues. Teaching is a noble profession. Fully aware, we have carved out some special programs to help your faculty members upgrade their skills and knowledge.

The programs are customized following the specific requirements of teachers and school professionals. The challenge before any institution is to ensure that their staff is continually updated with the latest teaching methods. Colleges and universities try to update the faculty by offering them various training programs. And this way, they ensure that their teachers are fully equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge, skillset, and professionalism. Faculty development programs and professional development courses take place through a range of mediums. Select a program with some variety in its content, as well as the methods used to communicate that content. Designing a faculty development program is a complicated task that requires practical knowledge as well as a solid understanding of the theoretical background.

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