Truth about Pink Diamond; How to Choose


Pink precious stones owe their shading to certain physical variations from the norm and synthetic contaminations inside their structure. Most of these stones come from one place only in Australia the Argyle mine, investing in argyle pink diamonds most beneficial. Natural pink diamonds are among the rarest and most expensive processed color stones.

When buying a pink diamond, you must first decide on its size and intensity in color as these are the most important factors that will determine how much you will have to pay.

Evaluation of the Color of Pink Diamonds

The color of a pink diamond has three main components on which it is evaluated: color, saturation and tone. Color is the visible color of an elaborate and colored diamond. The primary color of a pink diamond is, of course, pink.

However, there may be secondary colors of a different color. In general, secondary colors that increase the primary color are considered to add to the value of the stone, while those that diminish from its primary color can diminish its value.

The subdued tones common in pink diamonds are purple, brown, and orange; purple and orange are more precious, while brown and yellow are less desirable. Pink diamonds without secondary coloring are rare and usually more expensive than with additional colors.

Pink Diamonds and Carat Weight

In general, elaborate and larger color diamonds are rarer and therefore cost more disproportionately per carat. So, if you plan to buy a pink diamond bigger than 0.3-0.4 carats, be prepared to pay substantially more than the price of a smaller one, but an otherwise comparable stone.

Plan your budget accordingly and keep in mind that pink diamonds larger than 0.5 carats are very rare and expensive.

Evaluation of the Clarity of Pink Diamonds

Although the clarity of pink diamonds is graded the same way as that of colorless stones, this characteristic is not so important for elaborate and colored diamonds as their defects tend to be less visible due to the coloring of the stone.

Everything else that is equal investing in argyle pink diamonds, pink with less defects is more expensive. However, you don’t need to pay top dollar for a stone that is perfectly clean – a cheaper diamond of a lower degree of clarity can look so perfect to the naked eye.

It can find reasonably clean stones in the SI1-SI2 clarity range that have no visible inclusions to the eye without help.

Pink and Cut Diamonds

When it comes to pink diamonds (and all elaborate and colored diamonds with regards to this), the cut is not valued the same way as that of colorless stones.

The reason for this is that colored diamonds are not necessarily cut with proportions that maximize luster and sparkle as these features are considered secondary to elaborate and color stones.

So, don’t judge the cut of pink diamonds by using traditional grades. He must look at the color of the stone first and consider the luster only after he is satisfied with the color saturation of the diamond.

Treated and Synthetic Pink Diamonds

Because natural pink diamonds are very rare and expensive, sellers offer artificially colored stones that are more accessible.

Some pink precious stones are essentially regular boring jewels that have been exposed to warmth, weight and radiation to change their shading. 

There are additionally manufactured pink precious stones, which are made in a research center however have a similar synthetic structure as normal stones.


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