Vehicle Lettering and Signage Marketing


If you live or work in a highly populated part of the country then you probably see cars driving around town with advertising on the side of them.  This can be quite an effective means of advertising as you can move the pitch to wherever you believe there will be a lot of eyes to see it. It is particularly effective when you have a fleet of cars with the same ad, roaming around the city: people start to recognize the logo or name and their curiosity grows.

Indeed, outfitting a car with advertising definitely ensures that more people will see it than if you were to put up a sign on building or even if you were to launch a billboard. Lettrage d’auto JF Litho is mobile, of course, but it is also posted up at eye level, in a visual range where people are used to looking already.  

When it comes to exterior automobile advertising, there are a few different approaches you can take.  Each of these approaches can be quite effective in their own special ways, with your choice, of course, depending on your goals and marketing objectives.


The following elements are excellent options if you really want your vehicle-based advertising to stand out amidst all the spectacles of a big city:

  • Lettering sticker for trucks and cars
  • Lettering reflective stickers
  • Specialized aesthetic vehicle dressings
  • Commercial vehicle advertising wraps


If you are looking for something far more specialized, you should definitely consider something like the following elements.  These are generally used for more subtle marketing ideas, but you could also be used in bold ways too:

  • Display recovery
  • Equipment dressing
  • Furniture dressing
  • Glass frosting
  • Interior and/or exterior wall cladding
  • Wall lettering


Generally speaking, the advertising and/or lettering you use on your vehicle needs to be highly visible without being overtly distracting or intrusive. It is quite a delicate balance that is well worth paying for if you find the right firm to do it.  This type of marketing can be extremely effective at getting the word out about your company and helping to spread the word about your products or services.

You can always use default stock designs or you can design your own.  If your company has a logo, this would be an obvious choice. Colors, shapes, patterns, placement, size: all of these things have an effect on the bystander in regards to how they retain the information.

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