What are the Do’s and Don’ts of O Ring Maintenance?


The o ring seals are used to offer demountable vacuum seals. The key to successful vacuum design is the proper choice of material, installation and handling. The sealing integrity of these vacuum systems and demountable seals are essential for vacuum technology. These seals are capable of being opened or closed when compared to permanent seals like welded or brazed joints which entails essential parts like flanges or valves. When it comes to discussing these parts, it is associated with gaskets and its own parts which are grouped into two: metal and elastomer. Metallic seals are cleaner and dependable but are expensive and time and labor intensive than elastomer gaskets. The latter is used whenever possible in any application and are usually used in the form of twisted o rings.

Do’s and don’ts of o ring maintenance

  1. Albeit, these o rings can be used as an easily reusable vacuum seal and they can also be used productively in introducing the contaminants to a clean system.
  2. When it comes to handling and installation of these o rings with bare fingers, it can integrate skin oils so they should always be handled and installed with lint free gloves.
  3. Plastic gloves can transmit the plasticizer to the surface and should always be prevented.
  4. Never clean the o rings with the help of solvents as they tend to suck in the solvent and will cause it to swell that will increase the permeation.
  5. When you clean it ultrasonically, it will cause water absorption. The best practice to handle this is by just wiping them with lint free tissue, until and unless you can detect the mold release powder and then using a damp tissue does the trick.
  6. Never grease the o rings until and unless there is a genuine need that cannot be averted like a scratched seal surface, however, dressing the scratched part with a stone a scotchbrite is a better solution.

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