Where Should You Get a Personal Loan (Forbrukslån)?


In the last few years, the demand for personal loans increased gradually. We can expect to reach more than twenty million new applications. The main reason for the popularity is that people use personal loans to consolidate high-interest debts.

Suppose you wish to apply. In that case, you should check out online lenders, credit unions, and banks. Of course, you can find numerous options available on the market. Still, we recommend choosing one of these three options mentioned in the last sentence.

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The best course of action depends on different factors, including interest rates, fees, and terms. Before you decide to apply, it is vital to learn each step along the way.

Best Places Where You Can Get a Personal Loan

  • Bank – You probably knownumerous brick-and-mortar and local branches you can check out to determine whether you can get a personal loan or not. Banks are perfect choices, especially if you are already their customers. As a result, they will offer you a wide array of benefits, including fee reductions, special discounts, and many more. Still, you should visit them inperson and provide relevant documents while filing paperwork, which will help them determine whether you qualify or not.
  • Credit Union – It is vital to be their member, which will allow you to apply for any loan. Since they are member-owned and non-profit organizations, personal loans come with lower interest rates than banks and other options you can choose. The maximum interest rate is eighteen percent, while for the short-term loans, the percentage can rise to twenty-eight. Besides, they can be highly flexible to their members, making them an appealing option.
  • Online Lender –Choosing a digital lender will allow you to compare and research a wide array of offers and receive funds without leaving your household. At the same time, you can choose to prequalify for it, which will not affect your credit score. That way, you can find out more about the amount you can get, the interest you will pay, and the terms you will get throughout the process. It is a most convenient option that will help you evaluate a wide array of solutions and obtain money as soon as they check your financial status.

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Online Lenders

Similarly, as mentioned above, online lenders area convenient and streamlined process where you can compare different terms and rates, get answers on time, and apply online promptly. The main characteristic that sets them apart from others is the chance to take advantage of the prequalification process.

At the same time, they can offer you customized terms and rates depending on a soft credit check that will not affect your overall rating. Of course, they must conduct anassessment before finalizing the loan, which will lower the rating by a few points.

The best thing about them is getting a loan even with a low credit score. Apart from reviewing your income and credit history, they will consider other factors, including education and employment goals, before making up their minds.

You can find numerous options available on the market. Some operate based on peer-to-peer lending, meaning you can find an investor instead of choosing traditional means, including banks or credit unions.

You can get lower fees than other options, which is the main benefit. Others include saving money in the long run because online lenders will not offer you expenses due to physical location. On the other hand, interest may be higher in specific situations. Since unsecured loans are risky for lenders, they may charge you higher interest rates than other institutions.

They are perfect for tech-savvy people who are comfortable searching and applying for a loan from a household and without a banker.


Since the Internet became a necessity, people from across the globe are taking advantage of them instead of traditional options such as banks. Still, these traditional means are lending billions of dollars each year. They require borrowers to have a high credit score, meaning they will offer you a more significant amount than others.

This is especially important if you have an existing relationship with a bank because they may provide you with discounts that will save you money in the long run.

At the same time, if you are a long-term customer, you can use other benefits. For instance, some of them will reduce APR by 0.25% due to qualifying accounts. That will help you save money throughout the loan’s life.

Although you have been banking with the same institution for years, they will check out whether you are creditworthy or not. It means they will conduct a hard check while reviewing your info before deciding anything.

Still, you can get a higher amount than other options, which is the main benefit. This is highly convenient if you need it for a particular investment such as home renovation. On the other hand, it comes with disadvantages because you will need a high credit score to earn approval.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are here to act in the best interest of their members instead of shareholders. Since the members are customers, you will get the best terms and rates. Of course, you should become a member before applying for a loan, but it is not as challenging as it seems.

Suppose you are a borrower with an average credit. In that case, you can get a personal loan by applying at a credit union instead of a bank. For instance, some credit unions will require you to make a small donation to a charity before becoming their member.

Since these institutions are non-profit, their mission will drive their decisions. For instance, the National Guard credit union is specifically created for people who were National Guard or served in US armed forces.

The best thing about them is applying and getting consumer loans, even with an average credit rating. However, the overall amount is smaller than banks because they will not take a significant risk.


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