Why Is Resolution an Important Factor to Consider While Buying Security Camera?  


One of the most talked about and perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of a security camera is the resolution. It is measured in terms of pixels. The higher the pixel per foot, the higher is the resolution.

For a layman, resolution impacts the clarity of the picture. If the camera has a better resolution, you can zoom in on a specific pic in the video feed without the image getting blurred or grainy. Though camera resolution is a major factor impacting the video quality of the feed, it is not the only factor and other things also contribute to it.

Today, we get security camera technology that comes in high definition. An ultra-high definition has crystal clear clarity unlike a few years back. The technology has also undergone a major change when it comes to malware vulnerabilities, hacking, and other compromises.

Let’s see how important resolution is when buying a security camera.

A very high resolution gives the best clarity, but then whether to go for it or not depends on your requirements. If you are buying it for home security purpose, then going for a resolution of 12 megapixels 4K is useless. This is because there is a huge cost of managing and handling those cameras. You will need special network video recorders for them and also to store footage of that high quality the hard drive space requirement will be immense.

According to a rough estimate, the space required for such high-quality footage is six times more than what is required for a 2 Megapixel resolution camera. Thus, you will increase your cost of running and maintaining this high-quality surveillance system immensely when you don’t need that quality footage for home.

The security camera resolution ratings range from 420 TVL, which qualifies as a lower resolution to up to 700 TVL, which is the highest resolution. If opting for a CCTV security camera, the best resolution that it can offer is 704 x 480 pixels.

Resolution is important, but it depends on the requirement as to what resolution one should opt for. It also depends on whether you are monitoring the premises indoors or outdoors, in broad daylight or want it for night or low light scenarios. Depending on all these conditions and requirements, you should opt for a particular resolution.

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