How to write an email asking for a donation


Email sharing in crowdfunding campaigns is even more important than social media sharing because while the visibility through the latter is purely based on chance at least in the initial stages, emailing often gets the attention of the right people. Here are the things you should keep in mind while writing an email asking for a donation:

  •         Get a strong headline

That is what is going to make your donor open your link in the first place. Use active verbs, bold words in large fonts. Keep it short. The title has to be precise, attractive and obvious as to the purpose of the crowdfunding campaign.

  •         Cut to the chase in the first paragraph.

Launch to the subject of the fundraiser straight away. Include in it what you will exactly do with the donations. At the same time, do not forget to make your readers be in control because that has been found to be highly successful. Be economic on time and space from the perspective of the reader.

  •         The story is everything

This is where the art of writing attains its full glory. Crowdfunding works only through subjective appeal. So, to ensure the maximum number of donors, you have to be as universal as possible in order to make the story of your struggle reach everyone. At the same time, you have to economize everywhere.

  •         Write short paragraphs in the body

This is ABCD of web content creation. Short paragraphs with the micro content wisely used should be used for something which relies as much on user-connect as a crowdfunding campaign.

  •         Use images and links judiciously.

Only use images which are pertinent to your story. If there are graphic ones, include a disclaimer. Position them wisely. As for hyperlinks, yes, wise usage provides better search engine availability. At the same time, steer clear of distracting and unnecessary links. Include facts to support your campaign, but try to keep them all in one place, which should ideally be your crowdfunding website.

  •         Be informal and use easy words

It is essential to keep it in the second person, as supported both by research and by common sense. It is like how you write a blog. Use familiar expressions and words and keep the language direct and honest.

  •         Sign up for email service

It is really tough to manage multiple aspects of the campaign at the same time, especially if you do not have a huge team of dedicated employees at hand. So to sort that out you sign up for some popular and highly efficient email services which help you with a lot of statistics, and also keeps you from being suspected as a spammer by your email provider.

  •         Get the call to action straight and prominent

This is the most important bit in your message. Be very precise and clear about what you are asking for. If there are buttons for donation, just come down to ‘Click to Donate!’ Be very sure that your links to donation accounts are up and working 24*7.

  •         Build consumer connect

Do not forget to send a thank you email once you receive the donation. You can just do it with a template in case the number of donors gets large. Also, do not forget to include the names of the best donors in your crowdfunding webpage.

  •         Build your own email list

Buying and selling of email lists is illegal. On top of that, it may make your donation campaign reach the wrong people. It is better to invest some time in going to events and employing the peer to peer model of working when it comes to building email lists.

  •         Share away

Social media is all that matters. Not everybody is awesome at it, so include people you know who do. If you get sponsors, there can actually be nothing better than that.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to building a proper and credible profile in the crowdfunding platforms in India. Even the best emails won’t survive weak campaign profiles. Crowdfunding India, with their 24*7 support team, minimal platform fees, easy UI and reputation is among the best places to drive your donors to.

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