Why do we need sports trophies?


Every achievement needs appreciation and appreciation in sports comes only through sports trophies. Why not give certificates or medals, one may ask? No way. nothing is more rewarding than getting a  Sports Trophy and these are the reasons.

Why Sports Trophies are better than certificates or medals?

  1. Sports Trophies represent the grand achievement of the individual or team in sports. Their huge size is a mark of the scale of the achievement.
  2. Sports Trophies evoke awe and inspire others to perform and excel like the achievers.
  3. Motivation is the main mantra for all athletes and sportspersons and this is provided in plenty by Sports Trophies.
  4. Trophies look good on the showcase for hall shelves and are instantly noticed. Medals and certificates are literally obscure and go unnoticed.

Why Sports Trophies are needed?

  1. To promote talent

Talent is a rare quality that is inborn.  In sport, talent has to be nurtured to achieve great heights. The best way to do this is to honour excellence in sports using Sports Trophies. This motivates the talented to perform better and better.

  1. To outwit competition

Competition is fierce in sports. When the match or game involves winning a sports trophy, the individuals play harder to win the award. This makes them push themselves to bring out their best performance and outwit the competition in the game.

  1. To create a positive learning environment

In team sports like football or cricket, there is much scope for learning.  Awarding trophies for fair play, best defence etc. creates a positive environment as several individuals can aim for these awards and will be recognized together.

  1. To recognize individual merit

Trophies like the ” Man of the Match” award,  “Best Footballer” etc.  serve to recognize individual merit and appreciate them.  Individual sports persons feel truly happy when they are recognized on their own standing. To be recognized separately in front of other teammates is an honour in itself and that is attained via sports trophies.

  1. To cultivate the sporting spirit

In sports, to win or lose doesn’t matter. Participation is all that counts to feel the thrill of the game. this is why teams are awarded a “Rolling Trophy” that is passed on from one winning team to another after each big match or season.  In this manner, sports trophies cultivate the sporting spirit in team sports.

  1.   To build team spirit

The best part of any group sports is the team spirit.  With many players being involved,  unity among them is most important and this is achieved by team spirit.  In an aim to achieve the big trophy, all team players unite and work towards winning the match or game.  This fosters the team spirit among the players to gain victory.

  1. To create history

History is created when Sports Trophies are awarded. Yes, the trophy symbolizes the hallmark of achievement in the form of a record. This record can be maintained or broken in the future to get better results.  But history has been made when the trophy is awarded.

  1. To create unforgettable memories

For instance, India winning the Champions trophy in 2013 in England has created unforgettable memories.  Mention the name of the trophy and nostalgia is created with evergreen memories.

  1. To bring fame to the country

Sports Trophies bring fame not only to the individual or team but to the entire country.  France must be celebrating its FIFA World Cup win with the most valued World Cup Trophy. Valued at $200 million, this trophy has become a symbol of national pride for France today.

  1. To foster the spirit of the game

Every game or sport has its own individual spirit. For instance, the spirit of football is to revere and respect all fellow players, referees, managers and even spectators.  similarly, the spirit of Cricket is to uphold its traditions,  respect umpire’s decisions and be accountable for the entire team.  Trophies like the Fair Play award when given to teams, uphold the spirit of the game indicating that the team has played fairly.

To sum up, Sports Trophies are indispensable to any game and are vital to maintaining the vigour and vitality of the sport.

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