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The new trend is that companies aim to reduce the overall costs and this is the reason that more freelancers are employees are hired on contract. There is an upside even in this trend as it offers the required flexibility and the costly benefits can be avoided. Employees may lack benefits and this may be a sincere concern as they happen to lose something to be received beyond their salaries or hourly wages.

Recently, telemedicine or telehealth is increasing and is regarded to be important healthcare systems. Comparatively, in Canada they are found to lag behind the U.S. and Europe.  However, telemedicine is promising with healthcare. The services decrease the barriers and shyness and thus there is improved access in rural and remote places receiving these services. There is the potential to promote healthcare efficiency and productivity.

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More and more companies are looking to seek the benefit from Dialogue as they offer a platform virtually as integrated health care services aiming to keep their employees healthy and happy. This has resulted in offering highest potential and the performance is of unexpected high level revealing the satisfaction of the employees that they are being taken good care of. Health professionals in the full range include physicians, nurses and allied health practitioners. These people are available on merely a phone, a click of a button and even on computer ready to help employees so that they enjoy a work-life balance.

This telemedicine solution proves to be a vibrant solution for employers who are now wishing to retain talents seriously. This is a way of attracting the good employees and thus to promote not only the quality or work, but also the work quantity. Taking good care of employees health means the health-related costs are reduced for the employees and the benefit for the company is that the absenteeism is reduced.

This is the reason now more than 150 companies in Canada have contacted Dialogue to offer the health benefit to employees and also their families. There are more than 100 professionals working as healthcare experts in this platform and they are available from EST 8 am to 8 pm. Thus there is a great change in Canada relating to healthcare system. The healthcare plans also find more people considering telemedicine solutions and this has shown a new path taking to the growth of business development. Get benefitted by offering your employees good health care program.

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