Finding a packaging manufacturer: Check these 4 aspects!


Most companies, even the big giants, prefer to outsourcing their packaging material requirements, often to reduce work load and optimize on costs. No matter whether you are looking for cartons or simplified product boxes, the right manufacturer can make a big difference to product packaging. For example, if you check for Netpak folding cartons, you will realize that the company specializes in a wide range of custom packaging solutions for different niches and industries. In this post, we are reviewing what it takes to find the right packaging manufacturer.    

  1. Start with industry exposure

Packaging needs of certain industries are more specific than others. A good example of that would be the pharma industry. Pharmaceutical companies are required to remain compliant with regulatory norms, and their product packaging and labeling needs are very unique. It is important to find a packaging manufacturer that has some experience in your niche. They should be able to customize and offer turnkey solutions for your brand. 

  1. Ability to work beyond manufacturing

The role of a packaging manufacturer extends beyond the standard role of producing product boxes. They are often involved in the process of conceptualization, prototyping, color management, graphic design, artwork, structural design and so. Think of manufacturers as an extended arm for your business, and their approach must be about collaboration. 

  1. Check samples, references and prototypes

To understanding what a packaging manufacturer can truly offer, you have to check what they have done for other clients and companies. Don’t shy away from asking for references and samples, and also, if needed, ask them for a sample prototype for your requirements. The idea is to work with a company that is capable of delivering orders to match your brand’s expectations. 

  1. Think of costing

One of the prime reasons why you would outsource packaging is to reduce the costs, and for that, you need a manufacturer who can innovate and optimize on costs at the same time. Ask them how long it takes to give an estimate, or how do they calculate the expenses or quote. Figure out if working with them for bulk orders can reduce the costs. 

Final word

Your company needs a packaging manufacturer that can be trusted and relied on. Their ability to deliver large and small orders in time is something that matters considerably. Also, do ask them about the minimum order quantity, because most companies have a norm for that. 

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