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Today’s business environment has indeed evolved over the years. Nowadays, various marketing paraphernalia is available with one primary objective in mind: to help you stand out from other competitors. Likewise, a uniquely-designed marketing material can help pique current and potential customers’ interests that can lead to brand awareness and eventually purchase or availment.

One efficient yet effective way to promote your brand or business is by using notepads. Like calendars, notepads are often used and looked at especially when taking down essential reminders and notes for the day and the upcoming days ahead. That is why notepad printing is an excellent business opportunity that can benefit both client and printer.

However, it’s not a new marketing concept anymore – it’s a common sight especially within companies (or even in your homes) to spot a small notepad with a company logo printed on it. Some also include the company’s address and contact number on it. Hence, notepads, no matter how small they are, can provide an excellent opportunity to promote one’s business.

Some even get creative with notepads. Aside from imprinting their company logo on it, they would also customize the notepad’s shape, from a simple square-shaped piece of paper to write on into a shape that may be associated with the company (ex. a car-shaped notepad for an automotive store). Plus, branded notepads can be part of your company giveaways!

Another benefit of notepads as a marketing tool is that it’s cheaper than other advertising print materials. Plus, you can get creative with this simple piece of paper, like the example mentioned above. You can even add quotes and graphics to make it so appealing; you may not even want to write on it!

Regardless of the design and size of the notepad, the most important thing to remember is to create a functional and memorable piece of advertising material that is also cost-effective.

Other tips for using notepads as marketing tool

While notepads come in different shapes and sizes, it is still important to consider the right size to use for your business. For example, a large notepad the size of a typewriting paper may not be too convenient to use. In such cases, a smaller sized one where you can write simple notes of a few words will already suffice.

A great design can also contribute to make a notepad appealing. However, too much graphics going on in that piece of paper may seem “too busy” to look at and leave little space actually to write on. Instead, you can put your brand logo and other brief details on one side of the page such as the top or bottom part, or elsewhere but still leave space to write on.

Finding the best notepad printing shop near you


A reliable print company should help you provide high-quality print materials and save you extra cash at the same time. Besides, the company should also get the job done fast, and also offer eco-friendly printing needs for their customers.

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