How to Earn More Money from Your Scraps?


Before taking your scraps to a catalytic converter refinery, you should first identify the scraps you need, the ones that will make you more money. Every person wants more money, and many are searching shortcuts on making a few extra bucks from their scrap metals. So, if you know how to sort them out properly and separate the different types of metal scraps, you will be making more money than what you are getting from the scraps normally. Little scrap hacks will help you to make some easy and quick money.

  • Key Test – Aluminum vs Stainless Steel

Do not have a convenient file? Well, make use of the key from your vehicle or home keys to scrape to determine if you have aluminum or stainless. Aluminum will scratch very conveniently, and stainless will take much more initiative to damage. While this may not constantly help your light weights aluminum, the stainless will be extremely simple to tell.

  • Carbide – Slight Magnetic Attraction

Maybe you are clearing out a factory or operate in a metal sector that makes use of carbide, but you stick your magnet to it, and it attracts. Well, an attraction vs a solid connection is extremely different, which is where you can obtain an excellent concept whether or not it is carbide.

  • Broom of Magnetic Mop – Screws

Work outside a whole lot? Maybe buy a $100-150 tool that you can move over the ground with and pull out the small chunks of metal or screws that are on the ground, so you do not puncture a tire and lose time as well as money.

  • Warm Cord – In Sunlight, Black Box prior to Stripping

Among the best pointers and scrap hacks that we have been able to locate. The sun will assist you to strip cord much quicker after that if the cable was amazing, but make certain you understand that the longer you leave it in the sunlight it might melt the plastic to the wire.

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