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Already, the Hawaii General Contractor has finished two transportation projects to a high standard, earning acclaim from all corners of the island for his efforts. The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation granted Nan Inc Owner Nan Chul Shin his first transportation project on December 22nd, 2015.

The firm is expanding at an incredible rate. Here, we’ll tell you a little more about Patrick’s personal life, his upbringing, and his drive as a company owner and entrepreneur.

At first, Nan Inc. was only given little building projects to handle. He had to establish himself before he could be approached for larger jobs. He had a lot of perseverance and honesty when he embarked on these minor initiatives. His first job was to put up a single road sign, and that was all. Contrast that with the projects he’s getting in 2021.

The building of three Kamehameha Highway stations totaled $115,805,845 in this $115,805,845 project. Aloha Stadium, Pearl Highlands, and Pearl ridge served as the three stops. Because these three were built in a densely populated area, they were designed to take use of the area’s natural features and landmarks. Nan Chul Shin, the Hawaii general contractor, and his team Nan Inc were the driving force behind the project’s success. Following is a detailed breakdown of how the Nan Inc. turned each station’s conceptual design into a reality.

  • This elevated skyscraper, which sits between the Century Park condos and the Pearl Highlands Center, was built by Nan Chul Shin and his crew in the Pearl Highlands neighborhood. In addition to a park-and-ride with 1600 parking spaces, the station incorporates a pedestrian bridge to the retail complex and acts as a key hub for various modes of transportation.
  • It is situated at the intersection of Kaonohi Street and Kamehameha Highway. The Nan Inc. built it with fee gates on both sides of the highway, making it easy for passengers to go to the various businesses on both sides of the highway’s. Once inside the station, passengers use an elevated concourse that spans the roadway to reach the train platforms.
  • In order to accommodate both commuters and sports fans, the Aloha Stadium Station was constructed by the Hawaii general contractor. The station is right close to the 600-space Ground Level Park and Ride. A few yards from the Aloha Stadium entrance, the AlaMoana Center can be reached in only 21 minutes.

Then, on March 28th, 2016, the same customer contacted Nan Inc with yet another transportation project. The West Oahu Stations Group consists of Ho’opili, University of Hawaii West Oahu, and East Kapolei Rail Stations, all of which received a $56 million contract for construction. First, a Hawaiian blessing ritual was held to inaugurate the project. More than 700 cubic yards of concrete and 22,000 square feet of tensioned fabric were utilized in the building of these ultramodern train stations by the Hawaii General Contractor.

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Under Nan Chul Shin’s leadership, the Nan Inc. team has performed well. Both of these transit initiatives feature every conceivable amenity, making life simpler for the general public while also using cutting-edge technology.

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