What is Safepace Cruiser LT and how does it ensure the safety of roads



Roads now days are very much dangerous. It is mainly because of the drivers who drive their cars very fast. This also results in causing accidents. Safepace Cruiser LT is a product available on the Traffic Logix which ensures safety in roads. Among other equipment like Speed humps and Safepace 800, this Safepace Cruiser LT is also important.

Safepace Cruiser LT

The Safepace Cruiser LT is a trailer. It is basically a lightweight trailer and is also economical radar trailer. The Safepace Cruiser LT is having all the features for portable speed control. It is a versatile speed trailer which is having the capability of deploying in less than three minutes. The equipment is having a simple crank which allows in raising and lowering the sign face. You can rotate the sign face towards the traffic in a simple way and allows in parking the speed trailer in any position. The stand is also having the feature of pivoting during travel for the wind protection. There is a speed limit sign which is having changeable numbers can display the current speed limits. The Safepace Cruiser LT is a lightweight trailer which offers the portability that one needs for protecting the streets.

Compatibility of Cruiser LT

The Safepace Cruiser LT is easily compatible with 15 inches sign models. They are also compatible with 18 inches sign model. The compatibility of the Cruiser LT makes the use easy. As it is easily compatible with these two, they can be of great use for ensuring safety in streets.

Important features of Cruiser LT that will ensure safety towards the road

Cruiser LT is one of a kind and can save from many accidents. The important features of Safepace Cruiser LT are as follows-

  • It is usually a lightweight trailer which makes it more portable and easy to use.
  • The mechanism of the Safepace Cruiser LT follows a simple crank system.
  • You can deploy it very easily and also have easy tow and transport.
  • The time of deploying the Safepace Cruiser LT is 5 minutes.
  • The equipment is generally smooth and cushioned the ride.

One can easily count on the Safepace Cruiser LT for ensuring safety in streets. The products are available in Traffic Logix and are having a warranty of two years. The easily accessible Safepace Cruiser LT hence is very useful equipment ensuring the safety of roads.

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