Some Of The Common Uses Of CNC Machines


CNC is also known as a computer numerical control machine, and they play a crucial role in the manufacturing process. The complex machines are likely to be controlled by some computer to offer an extraordinary level of accuracy and efficiency. It is next to impossible to get the perfect consistency if you go for the manual process. If you don’t want to buy one, you can always rent a CNC machine (เช่า เครื่อง CNC, which is the term in Thai) as it will save you from breaking the bank. Thanks to this machine, you can complete a plethora of operations that were challenging in the past.

Ideally, CNC machining is a process where a programmed software computer dominates the movement of almost all the machines, especially the ones in the factory. Thanks to this machine, business people can enhance the production pace and reduce waste besides eliminating the risk of error. The manufacturing process can help you control a lot of complex processes.

Different Types Of CNC Machines

The rent CNC machine is mainly designed for manufacturing a plethora of items. To do so, there are various commonly used CNC machines. They are way different from your average machines as they need some skills of a trained expert so that they can produce the best quality commercial products. Almost all the devices use the G code and which is the language that is understood by the CNC machine. 

CNC Milling Machine

It is one of the most common CNC machines, which mainly uses controls from the computer to cut different materials. The mills can easily translate the unique programs of letters and numbers to move the spindle in various ways. Almost all the mills use the G code, which is not only mentioned but also has a standardized programming language that is recognized by nearly all the CNC machines. It can have a plethora of functions, including face milling, tapping, drilling besides turning. It is a large machine as compared to other equipment. 

CNC Lathe

The machine mainly functions to cut various workpieces when they are rotated. The device can make one of the most precise cuts in no time by using different tools. The best of all is that these machines are pretty effective when compared to manual lathes. It is mainly because they have minimum axes as compared to CNC milling machines. They are also smaller in size.  

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