4 Reasons To Hire A Coach


Reading this text, you may be wondering if the time has come in your professional career to hire the services of an executive career coach. To help you with this decision, we have selected 5 reasons that may indicate whether the service can be advantageous for the current moment of your life. Check out!

1- If You Are Feeling Stuck

Sometimes we feel like we are in prison, not knowing what decisions to make. When this situation applies to the professional field, time is money (literally!). So, if you feel that you no longer have expressive results and that there is stagnation, it may be time to hire a career coach. After all, allowing yourself to be in that state for a long time can be dangerous for your physical and mental health, as well as helping to build frameworks like the impostor syndrome. For your career, these symptoms can be detrimental. Then a career coach will help you get back in control!

2- If You Have Sent Numerous Resumes And Have Not Received Any Response

Professional resumes and portfolios are important tools to ensure a great first impression on recruiters. If you’ve lost count of how many times your resume has been rejected or ignored, it could be that something is wrong with it. There are situations in which a resume may be out of line with the objectives of the professional market you are trying to enter — it is possible that your resume is not valuing your skills and competencies, for example.

This is because many job seekers do not fully understand how the company selection process works and what they are looking for. That’s where the help of the Career Coach person comes in! This person fully understands how these processes work, helping you to get a job in the desired field.

3- If You Need To Make A Major Career Transition

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change careers. After all, better late than never! It is very common to reach a certain point in your chosen career and realize that it may not bring you as many personal accomplishments as you would like. If you’ve decided to switch to a career in technology, for example, you can count on career coaching professionals to ensure that this important change is made within the framework of reality, with foundation and a lot of rationality. This way, you ensure that the transition is smooth and that there is not as much impact on your life.

4- In Case You Are Afraid Of Interviews!

Given the highly competitive job market, it isn’t easy to get interviews for certain positions. This stage of career building is one of the most important, as it represents the moment that separates you from a possible professional career. With all this, it’s natural that interviews are terrifying for some people — after all, not everyone can do so well under pressure.

In that case, don’t miss your chance to get the job! A Career Coach person is prepared to make this process smoother. These professional people conduct several test interviews to help you think of strategies to increase your performance, and you can demonstrate all your abilities to interviewers.

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