Importance of controlling emotions at trading


Emotions are the proof of our humanity. There is not a single soul out there who doesn’t have emotions. Emotions are the feelings that we sense regarding a situation. It is emotions that make us express ourselves in front of other people. We smile when we are happy, we cry when we are sad, we become curious to know something we become angry about something intolerable. However, it is also necessary that we learn to control our emotions because not all emotions are appropriate to every situation.

For example, if you are sitting for an interview, it is pretty normal to feel nervous and you might even lack confidence. But it is good to show your vulnerabilities at a place where you are trying to prove yourself. On the other hand, if you are overconfident, it might create an impression that you are underestimating the judges, which is not appropriated either. That is why being professional and learning to control your emotions is a thing that you should possess.

It is also true for you as a trader. Being a trader is not exactly the most pleasing job for your mind as you constantly need to undergo several panic attacks, making tough decisions, failure, success, and more. We all know how important the role of mental state in our life is. So, if you are new in trading, you should learn to not let your emotions out of control to remain consistent in your career. As a beginner, you should have a calm, patient outlook on your career. For experienced traders, it is best to avoid overconfidence and greed as much as possible.

Now there are several reasons why you should keep your emotions under control.

To make a bigger profit

Often the beginner traders are afraid of losing money and so they tend to go easy on their trades. We acknowledge that it is the inexperience that noob traders mostly worry about. But in the trading field, inexperience has little to do if you have good market analysis and trading understanding. In such cases, it is not a bad idea to take risks at times and trying out different options. While you stick to your comfort zone, you may be gaining small wins but once you come out, you may find bigger opportunities to trade. Try act like the elite traders at Saxo Bank. They always take calculated risks and secure decent profit to fund their life styles.

You may be losing a winning trade

As a trader, it is assertive to use your experience to speculate the market and stick to a decision. but while doing that, you should not be overconfident about your decision or your method being the right one. You may be experienced but your speculations may be wrong. Even professional mathematicians can make mistakes under pressure. So, don’t try to prove that you are right when trading. Rather, focus on the numbers because, to be frank, numbers don’t lie.

You can be trading ruthlessly

Being an ambitious trader is something that every trader should adopt. But make sure that your ambition doesn’t turn into greed. Greed is the reason for the downfall of many successful traders. When you become greedy for money, you may the consciousness of choosing between right and wrong. You might be investing without having proper thoughts. You may even forget the moral ethics of trading to fulfill your desire. So, keep yourself in check and filter out any greedy thoughts from your mind.

Stopping at the halfway

After losing a trade, many traders often feel demotivated and sit down in a corner thinking that they were never fit for this career. But losing and winning are all part of your experience. If you have never failed before, you would not be able to learn what to do in case of failure. That doesn’t mean we want you to fail but we are implying that you should have an optimistic view of whatever happens in trading. That way, you will feel much more interested to continue trading.

The best way to control your emotions in trading is to be professional and keep away negative thoughts. Don’t let anything bad affect you and always try to learn from every single situation you face.


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