Reasons Why The World Need People Like Peter Loftin


There are very few businessmen in this world, who have contributed in an ample amount to the causes of charity and continued to think about the two opposing worlds of business and charity simultaneously. Peter Loftin is definitely one of those very few people, who can teach a lot of things in this relatively selfish world.

Studies very often show that people without any hardship or any kind of dark or complicated past history, are less prone to understand the pain and sufferings of others. Loftin is the sheer opposite of that kind of people. Here are some of the instances of his most renowned charity works.

Loftin and his praiseworthy work for the American National Red Cross

Belonging to North Carolina, Loftin did not really have to face much hardship during his childhood days, thanks to his loving and caring parents. Right after establishing BTI or the Business Telecom Inc. he started with his charitable works. Following the tragedy of 9/11, he joined the American Red Cross and began to serve as part of the National Board of Governors of the American National Red Cross.

In general, the support for the Red Cross society comes in four types: blood, goods, cash and time. The donated amount of money enables the officials of the Red Cross to make use of that fund, when there is a requirement. Cash can be given through online or offline ways. Peter Loftin has contributed a huge part of his income to this charitable cause.

Loftin’s charitable work for the sake of the Airborne and Special Operations Museum

The Airborne and Special Operations Museum is located in the historic downtown of Fayetteville in North Carolina. As the name suggests, the museum focuses on the detailed history of the military regime of the United States of America, especially on the forces, who have been engaged with the various kinds of special operations and the airborne missions. This includes the operations related to the Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War and World War II.

The museum is financially supported by a group of the retired and the veteran military officials along with a part of the wealthy civilians. Peter Loftin can be considered as one of the most important organizing people and patrons of this museum. Needless to say, he has contributed quite a handsome amount of money to the museum along with serving as one of advisory members.

Among his other well-known benevolences, some include his contribution to the development of the BTI Center for the Performing Arts, the foundation of the ‘Coats For Kids Foundation’, the ‘Special Operation Fund’ or SOF, establishment of Casa Casuarina as one of the most expensive social clubs, designed for the celebrity people and designed to engage numbers of young workers, necessary to run the entire business.

These days, there seem to be a lesser number of people, willing enough to contribute to the aid of the charity and this is why the people like Loftin, seem to be a rare breed.


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