What are the different types of handyman liability insurances?


To create a great impression on the mind of the client and to get chosen for a project over the competitors, every handyman needs insurance. The handyman liability insurance not only protects them financially, but it also gives them the peace of mind required for a hassle-free day. It provides cover against a wide range of situations like unexpected medical visits arising due to bodily injury, damage to the property of the client, and personal and advertising injury.

Hence it is always a wise decision to insure yourself before commencing your day.

What does the policy cover?

General Liability Insurance covers the following scenario descriptions.

  1. Bodily injury sustained by the client or the handyman or his team
  2. Damage to the property of the client.
  3. Coverage to property and physical harm after the project’s finish.
  4. Coverage against advertising and personal injury.

How much does it cost?

For small businesses, it starts from as low as $35 per month to $50. By paying the mentioned amount, you could obtain cover from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000.

What are the types of liability insurance?

  1. General liability insurance – When an injured client sues you for the bodily injury that occurred to him or his family due to a fault on your side, the company steps in for you.
  2. Product liability insurance – When you install hardware at your client’s without educating them on how to use it, and it ends up harming your client, he will file a lawsuit. Your insurance thus pays for you, saving you from monetary losses.
  3. Liquor liability insurance – When an intoxicated person is served alcohol by you, though not intentionally, he might damage the client’s property or injure him. In such cases, liquor liability insurance pays for fees, agreements, and pharmaceutical expenses.
  4. Professional liability – Also called malpractice Errors and Omissions, when you make a mistake in high-stake businesses, the damages can be mortifying. Professional liability insurance covers that too.

Is there anything the insurance does not cover?

No insurance covers things done intentionally. Human beings are prone to errors and mistakes, and when one such happens unintentionally, no one is to be blamed. On the other hand, willful negligence is a crime. Hence, intentional injury and damage to the property cannot be claimed.

Other than the liability, what are the other types of insurance available for a handyman?

Worker’s compensation – If you or your crew gets hurt, not only do you lose a day’s wages, but are forced to pay your medical bills. Hence, the worker’s compensation covers workplace injuries of your crew and you.

Commercial auto – As the name suggests, this insurance policy covers your vehicle used for business purposes. If the vehicle you drive gets into an accident on the way to your client’s home or while moving tools between sites, this insurance covers you.

After getting to know the types of insurance available for a handyman, it is essential to analyze as many insurance providers as possible. In the end, all that matters is choosing the right one.

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