What Types of Equipment Are Required for a Liquid Packaging System?


If you want to develop the perfect liquid packaging system for your facility, there are several different types of equipment you’ll need. From liquid fillers to labelers, here are some of the most integral pieces of machinery to consider for a complete production line.

Liquid Filling Machines

One of the key elements of a liquid packaging system is a liquid filler. These machines will fill various types of liquids into designated containers or bottles. There are several different types of liquid fillers out there for packaging systems based on the specific requirements of different liquids. When selecting a liquid filler, you’ll want to keep in mind your liquid’s viscosity or thickness, particulate present in the product, and corrosiveness of the liquid. All of these will factor into the type of filler, whether you need a piston, pump, molten, or other type of filler.

Bottle Capping Equipment

Along with fillers, you’ll need a bottle capping machine to cap all of your bottles or containers following the filling process. Bottle cappers are available in manual or automatic models, and can handle many different types of caps, whether you need one for twist-offs or metal bottle caps.

Bottle Cleaning Equipment

Bottle cleaners are also important to install in many cases, as you’ll want to make sure your bottles are clean prior to the filling process. A good bottle cleaner will be able to remove any dust or other particles that might be present in your bottles, effectively keeping your products safe from contamination and spoilage. Once your bottles are completely cleaned, then the filling process can begin with a liquid filling system.


Labeling equipment is also needed to place labels onto containers and bottles once filled. Labelers available today can apply labels of all different types of materials, including paper, mylar, and plastic designs. Regardless of your labeling needs, this equipment will be able to accommodate them.


Another important element to consider is a conveyor system. Conveyors will move products from one end of the packaging line to the other, so you’ll want to get a conveyor system that’s reliable all the way through. Conveyors are available with different sizes and programmable settings for speed, allowing you to fully customize your conveyor systems to efficiently and safely move your products.

When looking for any of these pieces of packaging equipment, you’ll want to work with a reliable manufacturer that can make sure that you get everything you need. A dependable packaging machine company will not only provide you with all of the necessary equipment but will also provide additional services to help you get the most from your equipment. Services such as installation, field maintenance, and operator training will prevent breakdowns and ensure your staff understand how to operate each machine. With the right combination of services and packaging equipment, you’ll be able to maximize your packaging line’s efficiency and profitability in the long run.

Types of Equipment to Get for a Bottling System

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