3 Mistakes to Avoid Making in a Job Interview

Whether you are going to one job interview or 10 of them, it is important to make an excellent impression every time. As you interview for Chicago financial jobs, keep these mistakes in mind to ensure you avoid making them during your interview.

Using Your Cell Phone

Nearly every adult in the United States now has a cell phone of some sort. Chances are you’re no different. However, looking at it while you wait for a job interview to begin — or worse, during the interview — is likely to leave a bad taste in the recruiter’s mouth. Looking at your phone before meeting with the recruiter can show you are impatient. Looking at one, even to check the time, during your interview shows you are easily distracted or believe your time could be better used elsewhere.

Asking Questions That You Should Know the Answer To

While asking questions is an excellent way to show potential employers that you are interested in the job, it is important to only ask questions that you should not already have the answer to. For example, most companies will have at least a roundabout number available on their website regarding how many employees they have, so if you ask how many people work for the company, it will be obvious that you did not do your research.

Lying About Anything

It can be tempting to fudge the truth on a resume or in an interview to make yourself seem better for the job, but it is a terrible idea to do so. Even if you think it’s just a minor fib that nobody will research, your interviewer will likely verify your claims thoroughly. Even an otherwise minor detail could cost you a job offer if you lie about it.

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