Mining Company Data for Marketing


There are a great number of companies which hold ample of customer data but makes no use of them. They are unable to recognize that these data can stand out as an insight of gold mine. The customer data can serve the companies amazing beneficial purposes which they have no idea at all. These insights can help in:

  • Increasing the customer loyalty
  • Getting hidden profitability unlocked
  • Getting the client churn reduced

In case your company possess loads of customer data and still not using them, here is listed few ways of making use of them and are considered as the most common methods used for practical advice. Go through the link to know more –

  • Basket Analysis

This method is often termed as affinity analysis which refers to the technique of looking over the items which customers purchased and which could further help in improving the layouts and also in recommending similar products to the customers.

  • Sales Forecasting

By forecasting the sales, one can analyze the customers buying nature and also can predict when is the next time they are going to make another buy. This helps in determining the strategy of obsolescence planning or figuring out the relatable products to be sold in the future.

  • Database Marketing

This technique will help in examining customers’ buying patterns. This is usually done by checking the demographic as well as psychographic aspects of the customers which will further help in building profiles and create product list of similar items which can be sold.

These three techniques are the most commonly used ones to make good use of the customer data which will be beneficial for the company in the long run. Mining customer data will help the company to gain better knowledge about their customers, their purchasing patterns, their tastes and so on. By analyzing all these, they can create related product list and further recommend to the respective customers which will help in increasing their overall sales.

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