7 Tips to Sell More Registration Loans

Many people are looking for alternatives to compose the family’s income in that month that it was tighter to pay the bills, or even supply the kitchen pantry. In this scenario, the registration loan is a type of credit that increased considerably this year on the part of retirees and also pensioners.

According to data from the Central Bank, the volume of registration loan applications grew 16% for retirees and pensioners from January to May 2018, compared to the same period of the previous year.

Considering this increase, how about taking advantage and selling more registration loans? Continue reading the article to use our champion tips and exceed your goals.

How does the registration Loan work?

The registration loan – also known to the general public as registration loans – is a type of personal loan that is deducted directly from the employee’s registration (civil servants) or for the benefit of the INSS (retirees or pensioners).

Professionals from private companies can also purchase registration loans, as long as these companies are linked to financial institutions.

Registration loan for CLT workers

The Ministry of Labor recently announced that workers with a formal license can also apply for registration loans, because before it was only allowed for civil servants, retirees, pensioners, and employees who work in companies affiliated with financial institutions.

However, to complete the loan, they need to offer the balance of FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Seniority) as collateral.

What do you need to know before making a registration loan?

Before starting to explore the registration loan market, especially if you are starting now, some rules are very important so that you do not have problems with your customers and partners. Check out the two main ones below:

The expiration date of the installments

One of the points you need to make very clear to your client: the installment dates cannot be negotiated since the installments are linked to the day on which he receives the salary.

The portion is limited to 30% of the worker’s income

Before passing on our tips, it is very important to note that: the registration discount cannot compromise more than 30% of the contracting employee’s gross income.

Tips for Selling More registration Loans

# 1 quality of information is important

Now that we know there has been a considerable increase in registration loan applications for retirees and pensioners this year, you need to identify the right customer, the one who is really in need. But how to do that?

The best way to reach the right customers is to get all the relevant information that will keep your team from wasting energy on people who are not ready to acquire credit.

In this way, having a technology partner company can help you attract more potential customers.

# 2 Qualify your team

Another very important factor is to qualify your team to be able to sell more registration loans.

Operators need to know the subject well, know all the payment options and interest rates, and also, having persuasion power can make a difference when it comes to closing a contract.

After all, there will be no use for an updated and ready database for contacts, if your team is not well trained in negotiations and adverse situations.

# 3 Use low rates to your advantage

Compared to other types of credit, the registration loan is the one with the lowest interest rates and this ends up becoming a differential when it comes to defending the contracting of this type of personal loan. Do not forget it.

Another good news: in the last month of June 2018, banks announced a reduction in the interest rate on the registration loan from the INSS.

# 4 Have technology as an ally

Everyone knows that hitting goals is not an easy thing, is it? Therefore, to help achieve your daily, monthly, or even annual goals, it is extremely important to have a partner technology.

The Assertive – company that offers online solutions to boost your business and helps in credit, billing, marketing, or relationships – has the product Base One solution to enrich the Cadastral Base and also the SMS service, which can help you to communicate and prospect customers.

# 5 Choose the right customer

We already know that more people from now on can acquire a registration loan, but at the end of this mass are still retirees. They are the ones that most seek this credit line here in Brazil.

However, we also need to be aware that not every retiree is eligible for a loan. As a result, researching the prospect well will make a difference in the end.

Especially because, when retirees are looking for this credit line, whether to compose their income or even pay for such a dream trip, the registration loan is the best option due to the low-interest rates currently applied in the market.

# 6 Seek to optimize telephony costs

One of the main ways to reach the customer for sure is still the phone. With him, in addition to having closer contact with the prospect, you, as the operator of the financial institution, can make a very adequate presentation of the company’s service.

Thus, looking for low-cost telephony is fundamental to the economy of your business.

To help in this mission, a good tip is to use SMS to reach a large mass of customers and make calls primarily to those who respond to your message. That way you can avoid contacts with invalid numbers and prioritize the most interested people.

# 7 CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

No matter the size of your company, having a tool like a CRM has become a must. Among so many benefits, CRM can, for example, strengthen relationships with its customers, leaving your team much better prepared to make sales.