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Capitalism is the law of the land across the globe. Companies are capitalising on the needs of their clients and are trying to profit, however they can. A great economist once said that the marketing sector would prevail as long as civilization exists. For the most part, that’s true. Without marketing, a business cannot hope to succeed. It doesn’t matter how good a product you have or how much you believe in it. Unless you are able to market it in the right way, there’s simply no way that you can succeed. Over the years, a number of different studies have been carried out that focus on improving the different methods of marketing.

Marketing is a very comprehensive term. If you have majored in marketing, you would probably know that there are hundreds of different ways in which a company can get word out about its products and services to the mass market. Marketing and advertising firms generally hire marketing professionals. Their job is to come up with unique and engaging marketing campaigns which help companies target different areas and also reduce their cost of customer acquisition. Finding a job in the marketing sector may seem difficult at first, but you should know that it’s not impossible. If you are looking for a marketing job vacancy in Malaysia, here are a few tips that will help you maximise your chances of landing the right job.

Start Searching Online

Whenever a job vacancy opens up, companies usually send out word through different channels in order to attract top talent. They send out print ads through newspapers and other magazines, and also send out word on social media. However, this is a costly method and also consumes a great deal of time. Instead of going through all of the hassle, many local companies have started working with private recruitment firms.

Whenever a job opening arises, the company simply sends out word to the recruitment firm. The firm maintains a database of marketing professionals. They forward their CV to the company. Many companies also use online job tracking sites in order to list the details of the kind of person they are looking for at their firm. You should make an account on different job tracking sites if you really want to maximise your chances of getting a good job. Many job tracking sites are usually free to sign up for.


One of the best ways to improve your chances of getting a good job and to further yourself in your field is to start networking. Networking basically means getting to know other people who operate in the same sector that you do. There are plenty of different networking events held all over Malaysia. You can meet like-minded people at such events and exchange contact information. In case an opening arises in another company, your contact might inform you first. They may even put in a reference for you so that your application is seriously considered by the recruitment managers.

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