Partnering with a company for digital signage needs: Top tips!


Regardless of whether you are organizing a special event for launching a product, or need help with redefining your marketing strategy with regards to digital signage, selecting the right partner is crucial. The world of digital marketing has changed significantly in the last decade. While the use of electronic displays remains a norm, many brands are now focusing on special technologies, such as interactive screen & kiosks, touchscreen displays, television installations and so on.

Companies like RAQ have been working with brands to offer strategic ideas and solutions related to digital signage, and in this post, we are discussing everything that you must know while partnering with a service.

Can’t we just buy digital signage?

That would be an obvious thing to do, but investing in digital signage involves thinking of many aspects. Technologies are changing, and the signage or any technology that may seem valid now might get replaced in no time. To be more precise, digital marketing needs to have a strategy and plan in place. This includes selection of hardware and technologies, deciding on content and applications, installation, and further testing. Working with a partner specializing in digital signage is of utmost importance. This just allows your brand to explore technologies and trends, but without making big investments right away.

Discuss your requirements

The first step is to discuss what you expect in terms of digital signage and solutions for your marketing and other needs. Sometimes, the requirements are pretty specific to an event, launch or conference, and the solutions must be customized accordingly. It is also important to review your budget and think of both choices – buying and renting. A company that offers both will offer more flexibility for your brand in the long run, so think of that option. The budget and extent to which digital signage will be used determine the final price paid, but do get an estimate for both renting and buying to compare better.

Think of the long term

Your company will need to invest new digital technologies, signage products and solutions in the long run, so find a partner who can tweak, flex and offer custom solutions. When it comes to signage and related products, they must be capable of helping with content development, hardware installation, and all the practical aspects that may influence the way you deal with events, on-premise setups, outdoor signage and related requirements.

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