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Peter Loftin—a name, which has possibly the power to touch every aspect of your life! You start reading about his achievements and you probably feel inspired. Then you come across his charitable deeds and you probably end up feeling that what this man has done in a single life is probably unthinkable as far as many out there are concerned. You aspire to be like him. To tread the path of success and kindness etched by him. Today, we will be discussing Peter Loftin in the post- because we believe that his story needs to be read and shared.

What should you know about Peter Loftin’s Early Life?

Born and brought up in NC by an Elementary school teacher mother and Korean War veteran father, Peter Loftin first experienced prominence for his stint in the telecommunications industry. After the Bell telephone monopoly ended, he went on to helm Business Telecom Inc. in 1983 (Raleigh). He was the one who led the expansion of this particular corporation into one of the top telecommunications companies in the country. What more? It also emerged as the largest private employer in Raleigh.

Tracing the years of milestones, one cannot help but mention 2016 when Peter Loftin actually went on to establish the largest new whiskey distillery in the United States of America. Have you heard about Bardstown Bourbon yet? This one remains the very first of its kind Collaborative Whiskey, Bourbon, and Rye Distilling program.

Notably, he is also Chairman of the board and one of the main reasons behind the not-so-old Constellation Brands partnership.

About the Awards and Acknowledgements

With many other entrepreneurial achievements to his credit, Peter Loftin has been successful in bagging several awards from time to time. Here is a look:

  • He was named the North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year by Business North Carolina Magazine
  • The “Corporate Citizen of the Year” by North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association – notably he bagged this award for providing free internet services to the disabled students in rural North Carolina
  • BTI was ranked seventh on the competitive local exchange carriers (national) list


Needless to say, this discourse will not really be complete without the mention of his charitable deeds. Let us tell you that he demonstrated a charitable bent of mind at a very young age—i.e when he was in his twenties. It was during this time when he started the program called “Coats for Kids” which was designed to provide winter coats to thousands of needy kids out there.

Peter Loftin had also been a part of the National Board of Governors of the American Red Cross in Washington.

At present, Loftin is a member of the Board of the Miami Beach Police Athletic League and it was in the year 2006 that the City of Miami Beach honored him with a certificate of appreciation for his relentless contributions to the city. Among these many contributions, one was his donation of Casa Casuarina as a venue for a host of charitable events.  


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