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In today’s world entrepreneurs are those who aid in launching a business and then help to strengthen it through practical experiences. These entrepreneurs usually attract the attention of the public due to their success tales. If you are trying to have a business set up in UAE, then you need to be very careful with the customers and the things need to be done in the most systematic manner. One is inspired to know how these established entrepreneurs got successful. Success stories are always inspirational irrespective of whether it is about a young professional or about a regular entrepreneur.

How does set up work ?

The very famous Colonel Sanders is well known for discovering the concept of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Today it is an iconic franchise. But no one knows that his recipe was refused 1009 times before it was finally accepted by a restaurant. This Microsoft giant has had a share of envious success. The weird twist is that Bill Gates was arrested in 1977, as he was caught driving without a license. Again, he was caught once for skipping a red light. This is the intriguing background of a man who then went on to become a disciplined and successful entrepreneur. Josh Tetrick was a student at the University of Michigan and then came up with the Hampton Creek Foods. Today one has seen some of the best investments in this sector.

More about the entrepreneurs

Steve Jobs rose from a small company Atari where he worked with a game called Breakout. The successful entrepreneur of today then moved on to push beyond boundaries and reach his vision. Larry Ellison a college dropout like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. However, he was instrumental in developing the advanced technology that went on to becoming the best in the world – Oracle. Tony Robbins is the best in terms of a leader in self-development and has worked his way towards success with confidence and determination. If you wish to set up a good business, then you must follow the right path.

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