Things to help prevent accidents with construction cranes


Construction crane accidents are no joke. They can cause severe damage to lives and property. Although cranes are standard on a job site, every precaution must be taken to prevent accidents from occurring.

Having a construction crane rental service that you trust can help alleviate this issue.

What types of hazards are associated with crane accidents?

There are several hazards, including overloading, electrical hazards, side pull issues, falling materials, and braking issues. Even with secondary brakes, nothing is guaranteed.

What are secondary brakes?

Secondary brakes are an additional braking system that helps secure the crane. There are two main types: mechanical and c. There is a distinct difference between the two, but regenerative are more common. No matter what, it is unsafe to walk beneath a load.

Preventing construction crane accidents

Malfunctioning equipment can occur at any time, but protocols in place can assist in detecting them ahead of time.

Conducting simple safety checks is a good way to accomplish this. The area should be surveyed to determine if there is nothing in the way, if the crane looks operational from first glance, if the end stops are in place and functioning, and if there are any concerns on the condition of the crane.

These steps add a secondary layer of protection, in addition to feedback from the crane operator. Accidents of this nature are preventable when the right measures are taken.

To find out more about construction crane safety and getting a construction crane rental service in Houston that can get the job done, contact the team at Lampson today!

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