What’s the Best Bank to Get a Car Loan?


Buying a car is an exciting time in anyone’s life but that does not mean that it doesn’t come with some added decisions.

Unless you are paying for your new car with cash, you will likely need to look at some car loans so you can take the car home.

Before you apply for the loan, be sure to check out these options of where you can go for one.

  • CarsDirect CarsDirect is a good option for many people that are looking for a lower loan amount.

While a lot of websites will require that you have a minimum amount, this website does not have a minimum or maximum loan requirement.

They will also consider older cars or ones with a lot of mileage, which can be a big deal if you are purchasing a used car.

  • MyAutoLoan – MyAutoLoan is another great option with a very fast pre-approval process.

They also do not have an application fee that you must worry about and they do have a minimum income requirement for approval that you must meet, which is currently set at $21,600 annually. Beyond that, they have a good process for approval and offer auto loans plus much more.

  • Palmetto Citizen Credit Union – If you are looking for a personal touch with a local bank, look no further than Palmetto Citizen Credit Union.

You can get an auto loan here whether you are already working with the bank or not. You also will often find that many people are more flexible with you within a credit union.

If you are ready to get a car loan and want more information about what we can offer, be sure to reach out to us here at Palmetto Citizen Credit Union today.

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