Top States To Go Solar In 2019!


Where is Solar Energy blossoming in 2019?

Solar Energy has been growing more on the east coast than ever before. Many homes are turning to Solar because of several economic reasons. One is of the high return on investment. No matter if you purchase your solar system, take out a loan or have it through a PPA, the bottom line is it will save you money.  Another reason is the tax breaks that you will receive each year. Depending on where you live, you can save hundreds of dollars per year you use Solar Energy for your home. In April 2016, the Climate Reality Project put together the top ten states with Solar energy. However, not all states have stayed on the list. Let’s see who made the new list, or who still stands firm from the old list.

Here are the new top 10 leaders of Solar Energy for 2019!


In 2015, Massachusetts was listed as 6th place for solar energy; however, it has moved forward and now sits at number one. What changed? Excellent solar carve-out, new SMART programs, and a huge return on investments. It’s estimated that homeowners who have solar energy will receive major tax breaks and save up to $2,466 per year.

New Jersey-

Similar to Massachusetts, NJ has moved up to second from fourth place in 2015. New Jersey has the 5th-best renewable portfolio standard and has excelled in net metering scores. It also takes less time to install solar panels. What normally took several days to complete, can be done within a day now. 

Rhode Island-

This state has made a huge jump to 3rd place since it wasn’t even part of the top contenders back in 2015. Rhode Island has two programs that really benefits its residents. The small scale solar grant program and the Renewable Energy Growth program. Each can save you thousands of dollars over a 25-year period.


This state has been going green for quite some time. From Hiking trails to warm friendly beaches, the state of Maryland is providing more solar energy than the previous four years. In fact “In 2010, all state buildings reduced their energy usage by 15%from a decade prior”,

Washington, DC-

Ok, so it’s not really a state. However, it makes a fifth place on the charts as one of the leaders in solar energy. With the strong RPS in solar programs, Washington, DC has seen an undefinable increase in solar power. The District is also known to have several incentives to install solar panels on rooftops.


For Connecticut, this is the time to go Solar! New net metering rules are in the process of changing by the end of the year. What does this mean? If you wait too long, you will miss out of great incentives.


Vermont gets a little bump into 7th place. Why? It’s all because of their RPS, performance payments, and tax exemptions.

New York-

Okay, so New York moves from 7th to 8th place. But no worries, The Governor just proclaimed the state to have renewable energy by 2040! Let’s keep out fingers crossed!


Here are some interesting facts about Colorado: Governor Jared Polis “wants to take his state 100% renewable electricity, plus rebates are still available in certain cities. It has a great solar carve out as well.


Last but not least, Minnesota makes the list because of strong net metering and plenty of tax exemptions for solar energy.

Many other states do come close and have started to make progress toward going solar. Texas is one of the big contenders trying to get back on track. Even though they made The Climate Reality Project list in 2015, they have fallen behind since. Yet, there is hope for the Lone Star State. With the sun shining on the state three-quarters of the day, there are plenty of opportunities for renewable energy sources.

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